Hi Gang: Wow — what a whirlwind trip — up one day, back the next on the red eye, but totally worth it!!!

On Friday, I’m planning a Q&A about the Creative Cloud, which I’m totally psyched about, and I have a lot to share about it, but I’m literally at the airport catching my red-eye flight home, so it’s going to have to wait until them.

The launch event itself, held at San Francisco’s de Young Fine Arts Museum, was a big hit and we got to hear from Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan, Senior VP of Digital Media David Wadhwani, and Jeffrey Veen (Founder and former CEO of TypeKit, now part of Adobe).

What I was most interested in was today launch of the Creative Cloud, and I have to say, I was really impressed (there’s a lot more to it than I thought). I actually got to spend some time using the Creative Cloud, plus I got to meet with some of the Creative Cloud team, along with some of the Photoshop team later in the day. I was in and out of meetings and briefings all day, but I really learned a lot and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you on Friday.

In the meantime, as soon as my wheels hit the ground, I’m back to the airport for my trip to Swingin’ London baby (yeah!). Can’t wait to share more, but they’re boarding my flight. Hope you all have a swinging Tuesday!

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  1. looking forward to all the web events this week

  2. Good, cause I’m not totally aware what all the Cloud is!

  3. I hope you packed an umbrella! In case you come to Oxford again the Gourmet Burger Kitchen is closed at the moment.

  4. I am so delighted because I found your blog, anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a tremendous blog. Please do keep up this good work.

  5. Pre-signed up for Creative Cloud, using the ‘existing user’ discount ($29.99 per month for the 1st year). Considering one gets access to the WHOLE SUITE, even the $49.99/mo is a great deal; $29.99 for the first year is absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to get CS6 and Dreamweaver in the cloud (Have LR4 locally).

  6. The problem I have is while the creative cloud price is nice (I have CS4 Masters so only $29.99 for me), at the end of the year if money is tight and I cannot afford to renew my membership, I now have 0 access to any adobe products. That is really bad. If I upgrade via the normal way, I always can use my existing version, even if I can’t afford the upgrade to CS7. I’m really scared that I will not be able to open any of my adobe files or projects if I ever can’t afford to renew my membership. 

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