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Hi Gang: I have just 12 minutes this morning to write this news and stuff. Here goes:

Tampa Love (vague reference to Tupac)
Thanks to the 500+ photographers who came out to my Photoshop seminar in Tampa yesterday. What a fantastic group to present. Even had Manuel Obordo (one of the two guys who originally taught me Photoshop) stop by and say hi. It was an awesome day and a great way to wrap up the tour for this year.

Catch my interview on TechTock Radio
I did an in-depth interview Jack Howard on Adorama’s Tech Talk radio show, and we covered everything from Photoshop ethics to retouching ethics to…well…you name it, because we covered a lot of ground. Here’s the link to check it out.

Lightroom on Alltop
I didn’t know this until this week, but Alltop.com now has a page dedicated to Lightroom blogs, and you can check it out right here.

Lightroom Collections Questions Answer Man
Thanks to TrevJ (one of my readers) for helping field Lightroom questions here on the blog yesterday while I was teaching my seminar. I’m a bit underwater today, but I’ll try and catch any others today when I come up for air. That’s again TrevJ!

Made the Top 20 Gift List
Thanks to Camera 47 for including my “Digital Photography Book Volume 3” in their 2nd annual holiday “20 photography gifts under $100 list.” Here’s the list (Lots of great stuff on their list).

Scott Bourne on Social Media Marketing for Photographers
I just got my copy of PPA’s excellent “Professional Photographer” magazine, and in this issue is a fantastic article on Social Media Magnate Scott Bourne, and in the article, Scott shares some amazing insights on building and working social media for photographers. You can download a PDF of the article here (even if you’re not into the marketing aspects of this—download the article just to see some of his great images!).

Taping an Online Class Today on Getting Killer Prints From Your Epson Printers
Dan “Dano” Steinhard is at the Kelby Training Studio today as Dano and I are filming an online class for Kelby Training on how to get the best possible prints from your Epson printers. Dano was at my Tampa Seminar yesterday and we had a chance to catch up at lunch, and he has a really brilliant class outline, and it’s really going to help a lot of photographers big time! I’ll let you know when it goes live (it’ll still be a few weeks in production after taping).

Good on Getty!
I just got word that Getty Images is once again funding two major grants for photographers in the coming year. Here’s how they describe them, “Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography was established in 2004 to enable emerging and established photojournalists to pursue projects of personal and editorial merit. Getty Images will again award five professional photojournalism grants of $20,00 each and four student grants of $5,000 each, annually.” The 2nd reads, “Getty Images Grants for Good was launched in 2009 to involve the creative and nonprofit communities. In the program’s first year, the participation of a creative agency was optional, but is now a requirement in the application process in 2010.  This change ensures that all grant proposals will benefit from an agency’s strategic guidance as to how the imagery will be used by the nonprofit.” For more details, click here.

That’s it for today.
Gotta run. Have a good one!


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