RC’s Photoshop World Story

I remember when RC Concepcion first told me this story, and it’s just as powerful hearing it today as it was then. If you’ve got a minute, I promise it’ll be worth it. If you want to join RC, me and the entire crew here at NAPP as we make learning Photoshop easier, faster and more fun, come join us in Vegas next month — there’s still time. 

  1. Hi guys,
    I’m not one much for talking on camera so here goes. My first Photoshop World was amazing (This will be my 6th). I was at the after hours party mingling with all the people when Matt walks by. I reached my hand out to shake his and he introduces himself and acted as if I was important to him. That meant a lot to me. The great thing about Kelby Media is that everyone is the same way. I have not met one person who acts as if it is a bother to help me with ANY situation that arises. The culture of honest to goodness customer service has been indoctrinated better than any company I’ve done business with.
    Of course the story with Matt goes further. I mentioned to him that I love the tutorials he does and that I feel that next to him I suck. His response to that is that “We all have those ‘I Suck’ moments” and that it’s okay to feel that way. This is how we grow. I have really taken that to heart and grown in both my photography and Photoshop skills.
    I can’t wait to see (as Dave Cross would say) “All Y’all” in Vegas!

  2. PSW is the best photo related experience you can have. The best photographers teaching thousands of photogs of all levels. If you haven’t been you cannot comprehend what you are missing! I would be in Vegas but I’m having surgery next week and can’t. God willing I will be in Atlanta! I love my photo taken with Zach Arias and Matt K (yea I was a little tipsy) and to meet all the other icons of our fellowship. I would say the #1 thing I got from PSW is the friends I have found from all over the world and the long last relationships we now have.
    Y’all have fun.

  3. I wish I had a story.. Maybe someday, if I save all my extra, I’ll make it there.

    In the mean time, it’s really great to hear of people having the experience I imagine it would be. It’s pretty odd to watch people like RC, Scott, Matt and Pete so often, and put so much time into the video work at home. Once you meet them, it would be like you’ve known them for a long time. Some of Scott’s tutorials, I can pretty well quote verbatim.

    Glyn Dewis, Frank Doorhof, Scott, RC. I can’t imagine a tram.. meeting them… it’s just not in the scope of reality for me.

    1. Not enough meeting space in one place. Believe me, we’ve tried. The Javits Center is designed for expo, not lots of large classrooms. Tried EVERYWHERE in NYC — nothing works (including big hotels). Wish it were different.

  4. Scott, I’ll never forget my first PSW in Orlando 2011. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be such an amazing experience! I knew the training would be top-notch, but it was all the little “moments” that made it special….meeting David Ziser in the elevator, talking to Moose Peterson while walking to his first class of the day, and getting to chat with you a couple of times. I did meet Matt Kloskowski at the Tweetup, and I was a bit nervous to talk to him at first (what do I say to one of the Photoshop Gods?), but he was so down-to-earth that he quickly put me at ease. Although I still think he puts his pants on by throwing them up in the air, doing a front flip, and putting both legs in at the same time! I’ll see you in Boston in October and Atlanta in April!

  5. I don’t have a PSW story but it was still great to meet RC while we were walking around at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco this June. I called his name and he was gracious enough to talk with us for a few minutes. As a follower of your blog, we feel like we know you so to actually meet RC was so nice. I can only imagine what it would be like to attend PSW and possibly meet more of your team. Thanks to anyone of you that shares your time with us!

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