Report From New York (and Lightroom vs. The Bridge)


First, a big thanks to the 1300+ folks who came out to my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour yesterday in New York City (photo above by Dave Moser). I had an absolute blast, and it was great seeing so many familiar faces.

At this point in time, teaching a Photoshop CS3 workshop is very different, because of the introduction and wide adoption of Adobe Lightroom. Because my workshop is very photography-centric, I had as many questions about Lightroom as I did Photoshop, and most were about how Lightroom integrates into the Photoshop CS3 workflow.

But what surprised me most was what turned out to be the #1 most-asked question of the day, which was, “What is Lightroom?” I kept referring to Lightroom throughout my first session (assuming everybody at least knew what it was), and as soon as the session was over, I had a line of people all asking what was this “Lightroom thing” I kept talking about. So, I started the second session with a brief talk about Lightroom. That prompted even more questions about where it fits in, should they use it instead of the Adobe Bridge, is it better than the Bridge, why is it better than the Bridge, etc. So later in the day, I had to actually launch Lightroom and do a comparison of the two and talk about who should use which one and why.

This all got me to thinking, so in the Photoshop User TV episode that will air on November 19th, I’m going to do a special segment on the Bridge and Camera Raw vs. Lightroom, and how Lightroom is the cornerstone and key component of “The New Digital Photography Workflow.” I’ll post a reminder when the show goes live, but if you’re wondering where this all comes together and how Lightroom fits in, I invite you to catch that episode.

Also, my final CS3 Power Tour stop for the year is coming up in Washington DC on Tuesday, November 27th, at the Washington Convention Center, and I hope to see you there (here’s the link to register).

Again, my thanks to all the wonderful people who came out, and I was so touched at all the personal items and gifts people brought me while I was there. It really made me feel so welcome, and I can’t thank you all enough for your gracious hospitality. :-)

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