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Hi gang: Here are links to the some of the reviews you guys posted yesterday. Thanks for sharing these with my readers, and if you have a post that’s not listed here, I invite you to post the link as a comment here. :)


P.S. Photo above, by Thomas Quinn, was taken during the live shoot part of the How to Shoot Concerts Pre-conference workshop and was one of the finalist in the contest to win the Nikon D300s and lens, and was featured during the opening keynote.

Full coverage, with photos, of all three days, and David Ziser’s wedding shoot precon over at DSWfoto:

Lots of coverage and photos at Digital Photo Adventures:

Elieen Ludwig has a recap of the classes she caught right here:

Alan Hess did a post just on the after hour party, along with one of my favorite photos:

Here’s some cool coverage from Doug Plus Rox:

A.J. Wood has a post about his first East Coast Photoshop World here:

Along with photos from the event by AJ here:

Terry Reinert has a post called “Photoshop World is Over…Now what?” It’s about how to make the most of the experience after the fact:

David Ziser has a post of his own about my band’s gig at B.B. Kings:

My buddy, and fellow Photoshop World instructor Terry White has a great Photoshop World Wrap-up with lots of photos here:

Design by Firgs did a post-conference wrap up right here:

  1. Wow! What a great collection of reviews! I know I was there, but it’s really fun to read all of the different perspectives on the event. :)

    Thanks for posting this Scott, and thank you for including mine.

  2. WOW!, I was having a bad day and then I see my photo on here as a Main image. I am truly honored! Thanks Scott for a Killer workshop. This exceeded my expectations as I had went to one around 7 years ago in Miami. The truly do get better and better. I wanted to come up a few times and say Hi but….I chicken out each time.

    I just looked at my stuff, using the pre-con techniques I was taught buy Rockin Scott Diussa and Alan Hess, and You in the Kiss make-up. Awesome!!! My heads still spinning but I really wanted to say thank you and I can’t wait to see you in Chi-town on the 9th. Maybe I might get the courage and say “Hi!”

    Tom Quinn

      1. Thanks, just so you all are in the know. The shot was done with the aperture close all the way down to (f/22) that is how I got the starburst. That is not photoshopped.

        It was a blast to shoot with all of you!


    1. That is a great shot… Scott Diussa and I both loved it instantly. Most people, me included, shoot concerts at the other end of the aperture dial. you know, f/2.8 not f/22. But you pulled it off and kept Tony looking sharp, except for the blurred left hand which also works.

      Glad you had a good time.

    1. Hi Paul,

      The man you want to talk to about concert photography is Alan Hess. He is the instructor for the concert photography pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World and the class on the same topic. He is a cool guy and very down to earth so I am sure he can get you hooked up with the workshop or information that you need. His site is


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