Scenes from Photoshop World Vegas

What a fantastic week!!! I heard it again and again for attendees who’ve been to multiple Photoshop World’s in the past—this was the best one yet!!! It was a total attendance record breaker for us, with big crowds showing up for the two days the expo was open to the public, and with new products being introduced at the show from Adobe, OnOne software, and Nik Software (among others) the excitement on the show floor was a full blast!

Lots to share (tomorrow), but in the meantime, here are some images from the week that was (Photos by official PSW photographers Brad Moore, Jim Sykes, and Josh Bradley). Thanks to all the instructors, attendees, vendors, and staff who all came together for a very special event. Can’t wait to our next Photoshop World—the first time ever in Washington D.C. in the spring.

(Above: The keynote kicks off with a Photoshop-inspired fashion show)

(Above: Adobe’s Julieanne Kost during her keynote demo)

(Above: A crowd full of photographers means thousands of keynote photos!)

(Above: NAPP’s own Larry Becker kicks off the 2011 Photoshop World Guru Awards competition)

(Above: The Superstar panelists of our special evening presentation: The Art of Digital Photography. From L to R: Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Dave Black, Joe Glyda, Julieanne Kost, Jay Maisel, Jim DiVitale, Gregory Heisler, and Jeremy Cowart).

(Above: Vanelli leads the Midnight Madness crew as the doors open for a wild night!)

(Above: Chatting one-on-one with the vendors. I stopped by the Rogue booth, and their flash gel system is very clever, and utterly simple. I’ll be using them starting now!)

(Above: I met lots of great folks during my book signing for my new book, just released at the show, called “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it!”)

(Above: Adobe V.P. Winston Henderickson during Adobe’s opening keynote presentation)

(Above: Adobe’s own Photoshop madman Russell Preston Brown, in 3D [sort of])

(Above: I’m doing an interview with Jeremy Cowart for an upcoming issue of “Light It” magazine, when Joe McNally sneaks up and photo bombs the interview. Caught me totally off guard, and I couldn’t stop laughing for two more takes)

(Above: Erik Valand set up a photo studio “near poolside” and everybody was getting into the act. Note to self: dont’ give Nancy a costume budget for the tweet-up. ;-) )

(Above: Eddie Tapp teaching Camera Raw in one of his conference session classes)

(Above: Jim Schmelzer during one of his conference sessions on studio lighting)

(Above: Here’s Jim again working with the model during his pre-conference sessions on lighting senior portraits.)

(Above: Larry Becker poses on stage with one of our Guru Award winners.)

(Above: Dave Black and Ron Taniwaki during Dave’s sold-out Light Painting pre-conference workshop.)

(Above: Jim Schmelzer does a lighting demo on the expo floor at FJ Westcott’s booth)

(Above: There was lots of fun gear to check out on the expo floor!)

(Above: Here’s one of the images taken during Dave Black’s class on light painting during the regular conference tracks)

(Above: Here’s filmmaker Vincent Laforet during his Canon-sponsored pre-conference workshop.)

(Above: That’s me, during the opening keynote, saying “You need to be at Photoshop World in Washington DC next spring. OK, that’s not what I was really saying, but it’s implied.)

That’s a few images. Check back tomorrow for my unofficial yet still semi-official “best of show” awards.

  1. Looks more like you were saying “Hi to Dave and Glyn in the UK” – me and Glyn have been like excited schoolkids since…….that’s just because of our mental age though ;)
    So as one ends another begins – UK viewers > if you want to join the UK march….on DC in March…..with me, DC !!
    I so want a photo there of me, Dave Cross and Dave Cuerdon – The Washington DC’s !

  2. Hey Scott,
    Yes, I did have a great time at Photoshop World. I’m still pinching myself about the Killer prize I won from Westcott. I wish I could do DC ;( , but I seriously doubt that will happen. However, I will be in Vegas next year. ;)

  3. Sure looks like everyone had an incredible time, reflected also by the comments closeted on Twitter and Facebook.

    Now more than ever I’m looking forward to coming back over to PSW in 2012; it’s been way too long but geez do we intend to have fun :)

    Thanks for sharing Scott and of course, thanks too for the ‘keynote’; now about that present you wanted ;)


  4. sure wish i could get some help with my software at adobe photoshop! 4th call. 4th time on hold for over 45 minutes! after 1 hour and 10 minutes they finally answer the call (this is after I let them call me back-in 13 to 19 minutes) and they tell me it will be a $39.00 charge to help me! I charge $50.00/hour for my who do I send my bill to? I would think this establishment would be more user friendly!

  5. Above you say is Jim Schmelzer working at the Westscott booth, well he isn’t, Westscott didnt have a booth at the expo that had the shootout areas. That image above is with the New Rogue Modifiers at the ExpoImaging booth. Here you can see a video I did of him working there with them it is a mix of video and stills. Sorry to correct, I just wanted to let you know the real deal.

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