Hey gang, Brad here to share this video of Scott Kelby talking with Rafael “RC” Concepcion about his brand new book, The HDR Book.

If you haven’t already ordered The HDR Book, you’ll definitely want to order it today. Why? I’ll give you one reason…

1) RC signed a limited number of books, and they’re almost gone.

You can order your book here (or here if you want the Mastering HDR DVD as well) and cross your fingers that you’ll get a book with a “golden ticket!”

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Crap, I’ve already bought 2!

    • Me too Ken,
      Oh well, for those who haven’t, I’m sure the book will be great once I get my hands on it (Hint, Hint), and the full price for Photoshop World (Which we’ve both already paid) is MORE than worth it. Hence, an inexpensive book that is excellent with a chance to win the “Golden Ticket” is great. Way better odds than the lottery.

  2. awesome! it was really excellent work! thanks a lot for sharing..

  3. G’morning Scott,
    Are you going to bring some when you come to Toronto for your seminar. Pretty please? :)

  4. Brad, can you do a straight on shot of the quotes, had me rolling with laughter the ones I could read.

    Especially Pete’s. I can see he’s going to fit right in.


  5. Hi Scott and RC,

    Hey just got my HDR book last Friday, and I have to say it’s an amazing piece of work! RC, you’ve done an excellent job and I know it’s going to help me a bunch! Thanks for giving up your Raw files … just super! Oh, and thanks for signing my book! Now, I just need the time to get out there and start shooting and processing! I do have some HDR shots I took in Canada a few weeks ago while on vacation and I’m anxious to use your process on them!

    Thanks a bunch for such a GREAT book!


  6. On order! I was planning on getting this anyways, but the chance to get one of the 4 multi-signature books was what made me order it today.

    @Scott Wiggins: I could read all of them, except the top right comment. Just click on the picture for a larger size.


  7. I recently received my signed copy from the Kelby Training renewal special. I’m taking my time with it, but it’s very good so far. RC is an excellent communicator and it shows in this book with both print and photos.

  8. I really enjoyed RC’s first book. I think this HDR book will have a similar format / feel which is what I like and need! I highly recommend RC’s first book – great for some one who knows nothing (or very little) about starting a web site or ftp or preparing photos for the web etc.

    A chance to win the golden ticket! How could I resist? Although I would be very happy with just the ‘Photoshop Guys’ signed book…reminds me of the guitar raffel. Can’t wait to read this one too – congratulations RC !

    • …OK, presuming it was RC’s first book – for clarity the book of which I speak above
      Get Your Photography on the Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Show and Sell Your Work

  9. Hopefully I will get one of the signed ones, since I gave RC a cool tip for automating HDR shooting on his Nikon at Trey Ratcliff’s seminar in Tampa a while back.

  10. That was one of my favorite moments during last week’s visit to the office – getting everyone to sign the book was hilarious.

    It’ll make an awesome prize!

  11. Yay! sometimes procrastination pays off. The book looks great and I’ve been meaning to order it. Now I have and I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

  12. I wish I hadn’t already ordered one… It would be sweet to have the conference passes!

  13. This book will be put on my wish list :-) As I remember, David duChemin also provided his RAW files, or DNG files for his Vision and Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom :-) Great gesture and the only way to really practice on the projects

  14. I was going to buy it anyways, so just did it!

  15. Ah shucks…got it on iPad already :( Still, you can never have too many books…that’s what I always say; I guess if i say it often enough Mrs D will believe it :)

    Seriously though…RC has done an incredible job with this new book; totally hit the nail on the head!!! Great book full of top class images and post processing tutorial walk throughs…way to go!!!


  16. Just ordered my copy, hope I’m not too late for a chance at the ticket. Appears the post has changed a bit. Good luck to all


  17. Just received my copy yesterday, looking forward to going through it. I’m just curious when is RC taking this on the road as a Kelby training tour ? hint hint.

  18. Odd that the post changed. Are all the multi-signature book distributed, along with the PSW tickets? I got my order in around 8:30 AM, and it’s been processed. We’ll see what comes in the mail. Hope I at least get RC’s autograph!


  19. Thanks, RC for asking me to be a part of your amazing book. I feel truly honored. My copy all ready shows the happy worn in look from sharing it with everyone!

    Great job!

    Take care,

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