Not actually a camera, but…

A 2GB USB flash drive! If you want a chance to win it, just reply to @ScottKelby on Twitter and you’ll be entered!

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  1. Well, I sent a tweet, even though this looks like a Sony camera. My brand of choice will always be Nikon. But, hey, it’s more of Scott’s stuff!!!!! 8)


  2. Awesome product. Wanna have one, even if it is the wrong brand. NIKON Rules!

  3. He he, it’s similar like this:

    Nikon Lens 24-70mm f/2.8 ED Coffee Cup Mug 1:1 w/ bag

    Crazy world :)

  4. Scott, I didn’t know you knew there were other cameras than Nikon and Cannon. I’m shocked you even acknowledge the existance of something else. I’m blown away.

    A Sony user!,


  5. This is just too funny. Was this in your closet?

  6. I shoot Sony!
    Its actually not that bad of a camera system if you get to know it.

    Don’t worry, I get razzed all the time for using Sony Alphas, but I know that my pictures speak well and stand out, so it does not bother me! I just keep doing my thing:

    Happy Shooting, my friends!

  7. Sony is the right brand for me! It is always interesting to see how some people get stuck on one brand while others are willing to switch after watching Scott and Jay walk the streets of N.Y.C. with their Nikon D3s cameras. BTW, I wrote a review of that webcast and video on my blog; I hope all street photographers everywhere get an opportunity to see the two videos with Jay and Scott.

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