Seriously, Where In The H@%& is The Next Issue of “Light It” Magazine?

This has been one of the most frustrating things for us ever. We launch “Light It,” this kick-butt new magazine. We get over-the-top incredible feedback from it, and people can’t wait to get issue #2, which is really exciting for us.

Issue #2 was already complete when we launched issue #1, so we wanted to launch it pretty soon after the first issue. However, there was something we didn’t count on….

…Apple’s App Store has turned down our App FOUR TIMES IN A ROW now.

When they turn down your App, they send you an email why, then you have to go try and fix the problems (ours were related to IOS 5.0, and then our in-app purchasing, and then a memory issue, and then a testing issue, and so on).

Then you have to (wait for it….wait for it….) resubmit the App all over again. Apple has from 7 to 14 days to test and or approve/deny your App, and they’ve been really consistent about denying it.

It was turned down once again last week (uggh!), but it has finally been turned down so much that we have an actual live Apple person assigned to our case, and she seems really helpful and we hope to have the problem resolved now with her help, and hopefully we’ll see issue #2 very soon, since issues #3 and #4 and also already done.

I am SO sorry you guys have had to wait so long for the 2nd issue (believe it, it was not part of the plan), but it’s kind of been that kind of year (if you know what I mean). Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently, who has shown their support, and who has hung in their eagerly waiting for issue #2, which when it finally does get released, will truly earn the “….the most eagerly awaited issue of the year….” slogan). :)

One last thing
I want some of you (you know who you are) to resist the overwhelming urge to write comments like “This wouldn’t have happened if you released it on Android” and stuff along those lines, because it won’t make anything (issue #2, or a release on Android) happen any faster. So, rise above that urge, be a better man/woman (though I rarely ever see snarky comments from women here ever—thank you ladies), and just go about your day as if none of this ever happened. See, don’t you feel better now? I knew you would.

  1. What, no link for those (few) of us who haven’t heard about the “Light It” magazine? You just want us to find it on our own, you actually want us to do some information search? Hmmm.. On the internet? Better get my Google gloves on, then.

  2. Three short comments:

    1- Shame the issue is so delayed …
    2- Thanks to Shawn’s book I’m more and more into app development and those problems really start to scare me …
    3- I was reading your post and thinking “at anytime Scott is gonna hammer on the android X iPad issue” hehehehehe

    Good luck in fixing and finally releasing issue #2!

  3. I’ll stop checking my app updates every day for a few days ;)
    keep up the good work and I know we’ll be more than satisfied when it’s finall released!

  4. Alright, I don’t want to sound negative but… just kidding ;) Thanks for the update Scott. This was reeeeeeaaaal test of my patience. I’m sure it’s worth the wait though. And on the final note: Damn you Apple!

  5. I never could get Issue 1 to work for me so I’m kinda glad that you are having to iron out all of the wrinkles before the next issue. Better to get it working seamlessly. Looking forward to seeing future issues.

  6. It’s okay Scott. Good things come to those who wait. It has been that kind of year for everyone. I don’t know what it is about 2011, but it has been a rotten year for EVERYONE. I have seen businesses fail, terrible things happen(more than usual). Keep in mind though, that you are putting out a quality product that people reeeeally want.

    On the bright side, the end of the year is looking up for most. My business is growing, your new magazine is going to shine, I have my 2nd child on the way, and the economy is starting to pick back up again. You’ve always considered your customers and have always provided great service. As long as you continue to do that, you are sure to excel!

  7. Looks like Apple employ the process from the former INS, now Homeland security. Namely, review the document to the first error, kick it back for a redo and resubmit, fina another error, kick it back, etc. etc. Would be nicer if they would identify all the issues in one go so you don’t need to endlessly wash, rinse and repeat. I have my fingers crossed for you and the Light It! team on this submission.

  8. Thanks for the update. I kept checking the app to see if I was missing a notice about Issue #2 or something. And on the pro-active shutting down of the potential Android snarky comments–good move. Hope it works–but I doubt it.

  9. I’m just thankful that you posted a blog article about where the heck it is in the first place! I’ve been trying to get my hands on Issue 2 nearly immediately after Issue 1 came out!

    Thanks for the update and I’m certain that it’ll be cleared up quickly (well…..soon anyway)


  10. This is going to be a larger and larger problem if we continue to source our media from only one site like an Apple or an Amazon. What we need is a universal format to release to like an MP3.

  11. looking forward to the upcoming magazines!!!! Loved the first one and know the others will be great. Worth the wait, for getting a well working app for the future. Thank you!

  12. Apple found bugs that would have frustrated your users and made you look bad. Then you write a blog post pointing fingers at Apple. Seriously… The bugs are your responsibility to fix.

    1. Apple should have rejected the first issue also. I cannot read the first issue because it keeps crashing all the time on my iPad 2. So I won’t spend money on the next issue.

      1. Strange…I bought issue One of Light It! on my iPad (original) and then bought an iPad2. It works perfectly on both.

        I can understand feeling left out if you don’t have an iPad, but really, the publisher has the right to release a product as he/she sees fit! And imagine the headaches of a multi-platform release? If you people are in IT and want another platform release, go ahead and contact the publisher and offer your services gratis.

  13. This the problem of any platform that has lock-in. This is why Flash was such a good idea, albeit it was abused. We need a platform that transcends any manufacturers need to lock the system down but remains secure. There pro’s and con’s for this as proven by both Apple and Android with usability, control and security.

    Is there a right answer? Probably not, but Apple is notorious for it’s totalitarianism system of control , Android is now garnering a reputation for malware and MS ? Well no-one knows what to make of WP 7.5 just now.

    However, you’re lucky in that you can ride the grief that comes with the Approval process, start ups are often crippled or go under. It’s one of the reasons when we released our own magazine we decided to stay away from that grief and release a system agnostic publication.

    There really has to be a simpler solution than all these hoops.

  14. I do not know how great Light It is. I have a PC, Android phone and Android Tablet.

    It sounds great. Good luck with your negotiations with Apple. Coming from the video game business trying to get final game approval from the big 3 (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) was a matter of give and take on software bugs.

  15. While I would love to see this come out on Android so I can access it on my phone, have you thought about making an online version we can access through our computers? I don’t have a tablet, or any Apple products… lol

  16. As PO’d as I was ~ am about the way you released the product, I’ve got to say that I feel your pain. My sympathies to your crew. I’m in IT. I’ve been there and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Hope things work for you soon.

  17. rtf is exactly right, publish in HTML5 and let anyone with any kind of computer subscribe to the magazine. Keep full control over content & subscriptions yourself. Alternatively, you could publish to Zinio, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
    The idea of publishing magazine-type content to an “app” that only works on a particular platform seems like a huge waste when you could be reaching a much wider audience with much less effort.
    Many apps now are just links to specially formatted web sites.

    1. I agree, publishing on Zinio would make much more sense. It took me several tries to download Light It #1 and I am pretty sure there was an issue you fixed silently with the lock screen prior to being able to download it. And the sheer size of the first issue is also something that is questionable. Light It is the by far the biggest issue in terms of size on my iPad. Of course it is a photo magazine with lots of photos, but still, please keep an eye on the size.

  18. Yesterday I was showing a friend through “Light It” and said, “I wonder when the next issue is coming out.” As you can tell, I’ve been missing out on my blog reading. :)

    Can’t wait to see the next issue, I’m sure it’s going to be great.

  19. My hope for the second issue was raised today when I opened up the Light It app and there was the cover of issue #2 with a Buy button next to it. But, alas, when selected the resulting message was that this wasn’t available in the App Store. Patiently waiting in Orlando.

  20. Still can’t get second issue. Can you give us an update? I’m ready to spend some money on your magazine!! I know I’m frustrated that I can’t get more issues, I can’t even imagine the frustration on your end.

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