Cyber Monday Deals from Kelby Training

It’s our biggest sale day of the year at Kelby Training, and I looked at some of the deals offered TODAY ONLY, and even I was like, “What???!!!!!” (like the buy one Photoshop World pass and bring a buddy for free. Somebody should get fired over that one). Anyway, I didn’t come up with the deals, but I’m passing ’em on.

Click the graphic above, or this link right here, and you will get some insane deals on everything, like:

>> Kelby Training Online Subscriptions ($50 Off a one-year full unlimited access online subscription).

>> NAPP membership (join and get six extra months free, including a subscription to Photoshop User magazine)

>> 30% off our Books, DVDs, and Bundle Deals (Deals so low….they’re insane!!!!!!! [said in a Crazy Eddie voice].

>> Photoshop World Washington DC (buy one full conference pass, bring a buddy for free]. Plus there’s some other psychotic deal where you get a book, and a t-shirt, and some other stuff.

But all of these deals are for today, Cyber Monday (as it’s known) ONLY, so get ’em while they’re not (cause tomorrow they’re not). Here’s the link again (Head their now. You’ll probably pass out cold once you get there. I’m serious. Hey, it could happen. I mean, it’s a possibility. OK, it’s probably not a huge possibility, but things happen. Did you see what happened at WalMart Friday? See, it’s like that, but there’s nobody trying to grab products out of your hand. Now get their quick before the doors open. I’m not really sure what that means).

  1. Thank you so much for these generous offerings. I just renewed my Kelby Training subscription, it is now good through June 2013, now maybe there is a chance that I can complete all of the training that I want to take! :-)
    What you offer through your work is so positive and creative; as a newly retired, now passionate amateur photographer I am most grateful!

  2. Wow, I shopped to early. Oh well, live and learn… Any news on hotel deals for March yet. The hotels around the site are pretty pricey.. Hope you can work some magic!lol

  3. Scott, I’ve just tried to order the combined NAPP membership and online training for $199 but the total in the cart is coming to $299 after the Cyber Monday coupon. I want the digital NAPP membership, not the printed one (I’m in the UK) but there’s nowhere in the cart to change that option.
    I just tried to phone Kelby Training but the office is closed. Grrrr.
    Any suggestions on how to get the deal for $199?


  4. Hi Folk:
    To everybody who sent in a comment that you couldn’t get through on the phone lines on Monday—-they were totally jammed from morning until night (way beyond what we were expecting), so I forwarded all of your info to our customer services dept and they’ll be contacting you directly, and honoring the deals as well. Thanks for hanging in there. :)

    1. Nice, I was so frustrated yesterday. Planning to buy the CYBERUNIVERSE, NAPP and KP for 199$
      I was trying to call several times. Queued… 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 then beep beep… Calling from Norway isn’t exactly toll free ;o)
      I also sent a comment so hopefully I’ll get the offer as intended.

      Regards from Torgeir in Norway ;o)

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