Shooting Cars in Phoenix (and a Behind-the-Scenes Video)

I had a really fun studio car-shoot in Phoenix after my seminar there last week, and I shared my favorite images from the shoot over at the photo story-telling site, (here’s the link to my images).

I wound up getting to shoot both a new 2014 Corvette Stingray and a Classic Shelby Cobra (I give all the details and stuff over at that link above), including behind the scenes photos, but I thought I’d share a simple iPhone video behind the scenes (taken by Brad). I’m not wearing a mic or anything (after all, it’s a phone video), so the audio isn’t killer, but at least you get a look at the set-up and simply it was lit.

The studio we did the shoot in is owned by Paul Markow â” super-nice guy with a killer studio (met him in Vegas at WPPI on the way to another car shoot), and his assistant Robert Humanski (who helped us out like you cannot believe), gave us the run of the place for three hours and we had a total blast!

If you’ve got a minute, I hope you’ll check it out over at

Have a great Monday (I know, groan), and we’ll catch you here tomorrow.





  1. Great shots, Scott. I’d love to see your workflow from capture to final product. By the way, I have a ’94 Suburban with 353,000 miles on it if you ever want to shoot that… just sayin’.

    1. Hey John — I did get to drive the Vette (for about 20 minutes, from the rental car place to the studio), and it was really, really nice. I had driven a 2013 last year in Tennessee (they upgraded me for $25 a day for two days), and honestly, it was very disappointing. The interior looked so cheap, and it drove like a really fast Ford Explorer, but this new 2014 has an entirely new interior and it’s awesome! Completely redesigned inside and out, and it drives much, much better. Really enjoyed it. As for the Cobra, I didn’t ask to drive it (and ran out of time if I had — went straight from the studio to the airport for a red-eye home).

      1. Thanks for the reply, Scott. I think in the future, you should book a little extra time to enjoy all that these super cars have to offer. I’m sure the owners wouldn’t mind. Consider it a perk of your job and have some fun! ;-)

  2. Much prefer the shots of the Cobra over the Corvette, Scott. It looks like the Vette was a real challenge like you said. Other than the two detail shots it looks like it has a matte paint job. I love shooting car art at Show and Shine’s and I know how much trouble those reflections can be.

  3. Nice work, as usual, Scott! A question if I may… How much power do you need out of a light to get to f/22? I have a buddy with a Harley that I want to try this technique, and I would much prefer to work with my Alien Bees AB400 since it is so light, but I don’t think it has enough oomph… Thanks!


  4. Two words: Wheel Jacks. You can roll a car around like a shopping cart (almost). You won’t need to reposition your whites…. just spin the car from front to rear angle or any angle in between.

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