Are You Up For a Three-day Lightroom Love Fest?

A lot of people are surprised when they find out how much Lightroom Training there is at the Photoshop World Conference (which kicks off in just 24 days in Atlanta). It’s a straight-up three-day Lightroom love-fest (so much so, that you can come to Photoshop World, and take nothing but Lightroom classes each dayâ”all dayâ”and never take a Photoshop or photography class at all.

We even have an optional full-day Lightroom Crash Course pre-conference workshop (taught by Matt Kloskowski himself), the day before the conference starts (so, it would be on April 7th, and the regular 3-day conference starts on April 8th).

Here’s who teaching our Lightroom sessions at Photoshop World in Atlanta:

  • Matt Kloskowski
  • Zack Arias
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Eddie Tapp
  • Jeremy Cowart
  • Terry White
  • Frank Doorfof
  • Brian Hughes
  • Erik Valind
  • RC Concepcion
  • and Me

Take a look at the details of these daily Lightroom sessions, (click right here, and look each day at the dedicated Lightroom track).

By the way, you can save $100 off the price of a full conference pass (which includes access to all these conference sessions) if you sign up by MONDAY the 17th  just three from now), which brings the price of the full conference pass down to just $595 (plus, it’s even less if you’re a KelbyOne member, or you’ve been to Photoshop World before, because you get special discounts on top of that).

Any questions about any of this, talk to a real live, really helpful person (yay!) by calling toll-free 1-800-201-7323

Hope I’ll see you in won of my classes in Atlanta later this month. :-)

Gotta run — I’ve got four location portrait shoots today for a project I’m doing for, and I’m still editing the images from a studio car shoot I did in Phoenix after my seminar there on Wednesday (here’s a behind-the-scenes shot from my iPhone — I got to shoot this new 2014 Corvette Stingray and a really cool Shelby Cobra. Can’t wait to share the shots as soon as they’re done).

Also, I should have some really fun news for KelbyOne subscribers on Monday or Tuesday (it will make a lot of folks happy). Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you back here next week.



  1. I’ll be sure to catch one of your classes at PSW, Scott. Should be fun!
    Any idea when the PSW app will be updated, or do you guys have no input on it? Still showing the PSW Vegas 2013 info.
    Hurry up with those car shots! I just love the new Vette…. :-)
    Enjoy your weekend!!

      1. That’s right, Ken….I forgot Shawn developed that app for PSW. Man, was that handy to use at the conference. I guess I just have to be more patient!

  2. Is is a bit disappointing to see a great blog transform from a blog with great personal thought and insight with occasional promotional material to a commercial blog with intermittent personal thought and insight. Perhaps it should be re-branded as the Kelby Media Group Blog.
    I miss you Scott.

    1. Jerry — this blog is exactly the same as it ever was — it’s where I share what’s going on in my world, and I do a lot of the things all year long, and I have ALWAYS shared each thing I’m doing here, whether it’s the release of a new book, or speaking at a seminar, or Photoshop World, or whatever it is that I’m doing at the time. People always ask me where I’m speaking and what I’m doing, so I share all that here. Always have.

      During football season I shared each week’s shoot along with all the details. Every Wednesday it has been, and still is, Guest Blog Wednesday where I feature a guest blogger. Thursday we give away free stuff and share what my friends are doing in regards to seminars, talks, etc. I also share all my automotive shoots here because that’s what I’m doing right now. I shared one within the last week and I I’m sharing another one here tomorrow. This past week we talked about Backing Up your photos and the importance of that. The week before I was sharing free 30-second Photoshop Tips, along with Joe McNally’s critiques on “The Grid” (I aired the entire episode here), plus I shared SmugMug’s launch of a mini-documentary about my photography, and one day when I didn’t have much of anything to share, I shared a photo of my dog Maggie. I’m sorry my free content each day isn’t tuned to exactly what YOU want it to be.

      1. Scott:

        I have given my poorly thought out post and your reply a lot
        of thought.
        You are right! You have always shared what you are doing and what is going on with you, thoroughly and honestly. I have enjoyed your football posts, your
        trips and your shoots and what is going on with your friends. (Yes my wife and I did enjoy Maggie) While hesitant at first, I am enthusiastic about merging NAAP and Kelby Training, I think it is a great move for all of us subscribers. Scott, it is your blog and it is a great one, I apologize for my ill-conceived and short sighted post. Thank you for having a great organization, great people in it and for listening to your customers.

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