Some Pages From My Paris Photo Book

When I take a vacation (or working trip in this case), I always try to make a photo book from the trip, and here’s a look at the one I made from my “Week in Paris with Jay Maisel” online class taping trip. Because I was either interviewing Jay or taping my own class on travel photography, I didn’t get to shoot all that much, but at least I got enough to make a small book. Here are a few of my favorite pages from the book.

I have so much more I want to share about the trip, but I’m on a tight timeline right now, so I hope to have some behind-the-scenes stories and photos on Friday (well, that’s the plan anyway). Hope you enjoyed the layouts here, and I wish you a fantastically French Tuesday. :)


  1. Hello Mr. Kelby, what a great display of artistry. You definitely inspire a lot of people (myself included) to become better photographers. Personal note: I would buy that book in a heart beat. Greetings. 

  2. Beautiful pics, excelent work, Scott! Even in a short time – and working while shooting -, you were able to do a great book about one of the most photographed cities in the world. It’s what distinguish a simple shooter from a master. Congrats!

  3. Beautiful pictures ,by the way I have been years watching your tetotials read your books and I have one thing to tell you I have learned alone from you you have been my teacher my Gidens because of you I can say I am better visionary I can take a picture and inhanced in a way people fall in love with THANK YOU

  4. These are amazingly beautiful pictures. They inspire beginners like me to pursue photography with more passion.. Thank you.

    Arnaldo Aquino

  5. Hi Scott,
    Wonderful job. Really like the pictures :-) Just the Endpage you wrote ”Finé” Well in french it will be ”Fin” meaning ”End”.

    Greetings :-)

  6. “..didn’t get to shoot all that much..” ?? Looks like you did alright.
    It all brings back memories of 2005 when I went there.
    Look forward to both of the classes you shot there.
    BTW .. were you able to freely wander about Paris, with your tripod, as Matt K. was ?  (Hehehe!)

  7. Thanks a mil Scott, I read your post daily and this one was perfect timing as I’m heading to Paris today. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  8. Great photos there Scott !

    I assume the people in the shots are models as they seem to be fine with you taking their picture, unlike the person you mentioned on The Grid :)

    I know this book is for your personal use, but i’ve been told (and a quick google turns up a BBC page on this) that it is illegal to publish a photo of a person taken in France without their permission, who knows if putting them online counts as publishing.

  9. Great shots, Scott.  Did you do this through Lightroom 4?  The shot of Le Consulat….was that the same shot that Matt got?  It looks familiar.


  10. That is an awesome book. I feel like I have been to France now. I bet it is more impressive in person. I love the spiral staircase. 

  11. What an awesome collection of photos!  I really love that you include a variety of shots and styles and I think this makes me want to visit Paris even more now!

  12. Nice Photo Book.

    Can you tell what techniques you used on some of the photos? Like the one of the Arc de Triomphe? Maybe there are some courses that explain that on Kelby Training. Would like to hear from you.

    1. That is the third bracketed frame of a three-stop HDR shot, which was two-stops over-exposed. That was the main image, then I went ahead and made the full HDR tone-mapped image; dragged that on top of the original shot and painted over the arc and surrounding areas but left the pure white sky as is. Hope that helps. :)

  13. Scott,
    As always, your travel books make me want to, well, travel n’ shoot! I’m hitting the road soon for three weeks on Vancouver Island and hope I can capture the flavor of the locale as beautifully as you do in every destination you visit.
    Merci pour l’inspiration!
    Trev J. 

  14. Great book…..great images as always. Only one thing….at the last page….the word is ”fin” which is end…or ”fini” as in terminated but not finé……that’s not a word. Sorry about that…I had to put in my 2 francs in…..

  15. I want to get back there again soon! 
    You may like my Paris work although it’s much more old school. 
    All film but I utilized Lightroom/Photoshop to clean up.Matthew Fuller Photographer Wimberley Texas

  16. I hate you Mr. Kelby: too much talent! 
    Thank you for these gorgeous pictures! I live in this city … and your photos make it even more beautiful (if possible…) !

    Au plaisir de vous croiser prochainement au coin de ma rue, Monsieur Kelby !

  17. Hey Scott

    Very cool. I actually have shot from your same vantage point looking across the staircase in Versailles. And also one of the same cellist at the Louvre! This was from a trip 3 (?) years ago and the same guy is still playing in the alcove (albeit with much longer hair now). It’s one of my favorites. Almost brought me to tears listening to him.

  18. I have never been a huge fan of HDR, but you’re HDR shots are starting to win me over! They came out really nice. As for the rest of the shots: beautiful. Cheers! (or as they say in Paris: Salut!) :)

  19. Hello Scott,

    Love your book, I love your photo of the roof of Paris the sky is great, better then mine !

    The photos from Saint Chapelle, saint germain church are really nice. The models too. 

    Really great work bringing back a lot of great memories ! 

    I like how you mix up landscapes, with details and people photography,  you are an expert in so many styles, very inspiring.

    You have to come back….


    1. Serge: you are very kind, but I couldn’t have done any of it without you! Your insights, locations and advice were priceless and hanging out with you for the week, and getting to know you, really made it my best trip to Paris ever! By the way; I like your rooftops of Paris shot much better than mine — I think you’ve just seen yours so long you’re used to seeing it. Every time I see yours I always think, “I wished mine looked like that.” Can’t wait till you come over to the states and we get to hang out again. Take care my friend. :)

      P.S. The wifey and I might shoot over there for a short getaway. If we do, I’ll give you plenty of notice but you and your wife have to join us for an overnight trip out to Mont Saint-Michel. :)

  20. Hi Scott, thanks for your , I bought whole 3 parts and they reached me a lot, I also watched your DVD, I must say thank you because I am finally know how to use my DSLR and how to made photo more beautiful,hope  you will have show in China or Hongkong so I will here your class. Thanks.

  21. Great stuff, Scott. my wife and I had a great time in Paris two years ago, where I snapped about a gozillion shots. Paring it down to a selected group was hard. I wish I had the level of quality you have shown here, but I am happy just have been there. your photo book makes me want to return soon. BTW, your Blog’s gear tab needs updating. No D4 to be found! = )

  22. Thanks Scott! These are great. You inspired me to do my own photobook of Chicago this weekend. I’m looking forward to taking them into Lightroom and putting everything together. Is there a nice trick to displaying them like book pages in your blog here? 

  23.  Hi Scott, really great pictures and an amazing photo book! Just in case you didn’t notice yet: Clicking on a picture to see the larger version results in a prompt saying “This image could not be loaded” (same with your India photo book btw). Anyway, great work!!

  24. Scott Great images!
    In your video you suggested hirign a “jober” or photo guide to help someone get to all the right spots in the city. This makes a lot of sense for any place including Paris. Do you know a sight where someone can find these guides? Is there a clearing house that has a list of gkuides with reviews? For instance If I am going to Quebec City and would like a photo guide how would one find such a person? Thanks! BTW your Boston workshop was great!

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