Win a Free Ticket To Matt’s New “Lightroom 4 Live” Tour

Matt Kloskowski’s new totally-updated live training tour for Lightroom 4 is getting absolutely rave reviews (and playing to huge crowds) around the country, and so I thought I’d give away a couple of tickets for some folks who really need to be there but maybe can’t afford to go right now. Just enter your name and which city you want to attend (the list is below) and I’ll pick some winners by tomorrow.

June 11th

June 12th

June 14th

June 18th

June 27th

June 28th

Here’s the link with details on the day. Remember, just leave a comment here and you’re entered for the ticket drawing.

Good luck everybody, and I hope you an opportunity to catch this really fun, super-helpful day of training. You will love it (Matt is a really gifted trainer, and you’ll be laughing and learning all day).

P.S. Don’t forget to scroll down one more post today for some of my Photoshop CS6 Little Secret Features nobody is talking about video. 

  1. Hi,
    I purchased the program and love it, I also just received Scott’s new lightroom
    4 book. I would love to learn in person but can’t afford the travel and the class.
    So I’ll enter if I win a class I’ll get there. San Francisco.

  2. I agree with Joyce. We’d love to see more southern cities. Love the video casts and other excellent work you guys do! Keep it up!

  3. Hello,
    You guys rock and I’d love to go to the San Francisco show.
    I just had twin girls and I’d love to learn move about LR4 and what I can do to edit their pictures. Thank you.
    Keep up the great work

  4. THANK YOU…. for have prizes like this to increase our knowledge. I would live to attend this class because I am an ATLNAT photographer on the rise and need to learn more in this area to enhance my skill set.

  5. I would like to win a ticket to Matt’s Richmond Lightroom Seminar. I have enjoyed many of his classes at Kelby Training and hid Killer tips.

  6. Hi Scott,
    I am a Lightroom newbie.  I just bought Lightroom 4 and your new Lightroom 4 book, and would love to attend the Washington DC event!  Thank you
    Mark Watts

  7. I would love to attend the seminar in Richmond, Va. As a teacher this would be my free first day after school is over and it would be a great way to start. Not having a raise in years plus being a four hour one way drive for me it would help cover expenses.


  8. Hey Matt –
    I would like to attend Matt’s Lightroom 4 seminar in Washington, DC.  I have arrangements to have kids occupied for the day so- for once I am free!  You know it!

  9. Oh boy, pretty please, Richmond is close, we can drive it in our 12 yr old minivan that we just paid lots of moolah to get the a/c fixed, so we won’t show up sweaty, OK?

  10. I really really want to go to the San Francisco seminar. Unfortunately even if Scott was kind enough to give me tickets I cannot go because I am home taking care of my terminally ill wife. I am hoping one day I can attend one of these seminars.

  11. No Indy?  Hmmmm….maybe I can make the trip to Lansing.  What sort of material is covered in the seminar?  Is it like a demo of Lightroom or is it more a hands-on type thing?  How many people typically attend these events?  Big crowds often are intimidating to me, so am hoping things are in the 20-50 range…

  12. Hi Kelby Team.
    Thanks for sharing your passion, your knowledge, I mean everything.
    Leaving in California for few months now I hope the “force ” will be with me and my daughter -Lola- will be proud of me !
    Fred the Frenchy

  13. I love using Lightroom 4 and have fairly good at it abut I know there is so much that I am missing  out on. I hope to attend the seminar in Richmond, Va. because I want to be around others that embrace LIghtroom as much as I do! It is a truly amazing product and I want to know as much about it as I can to help my workflow, improve my end product and hopefully inspire others to check out kelbytraining!  It’s great that you have chosen to come to Richmond, Va. because it feels like this semi-small big town in the mid-atlantic gets overlooked. So, thanks for thinking of us!

  14. If you give me a free ticket to the Houston show I will bring you a chocolate pie from Flying Saucer Pie Company and your life will be changed forever.

  15. Hi Scott, 

    Soo looking forward to getting to know your school and teachers, I would love to attend in Richmond VA.  lightroom seminar – Thanks!   :)

  16. Scotttt  – pls review this :)

    seminar is tomorrow  ;)

    , I would love to attend in Richmond VA.  lightroom seminar – Thanks!   :)

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