Photoshop CS6’s “Cool Little Secret Features” That Nobody is Talking About

Here’s a short video I did to celebrate the launch of the latest edition of my book, ‘The Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers” (the book is already written, edited and is getting its final prep before it heads to the printing press).

This video is all about those cool little features, tweaks, and enhancements in Photoshop CS6 that don’t get all the big headlines (like Content Aware Move, and Adaptive Wide Angle), so a lot of folks don’t know about them, but they are pretty darn sweet! Plus, I threw in a tip or two along the way.

By the way, just in case (ya know) you can pre-order my book at, Barnes &, or wherever cool books that have some really cool stuff in them (including a really helpful majorly updated chapter on Photoshop’s built-in HDR, and a brand new chapter on editing video from your DSLR right within Photoshop CS6 itself, which I think for a lot of folks is exactly what we’ve been waiting for), are sold. :-)

  1. Nice video presentation on these little tweaks, Scott.  You should do more of these on your blog.  This one made me want to open my wallet and upgrade (almost)!  But I’ve got to save up for this little Photography conference going on in Vegas in September….. :-)


  2. So CS6 brings back some of the things that got dropped in CS5. I’m begining to get it: Adobe drops things from a version of Photoshop so that when a newer version is released, we can pay more for that which we used to have in a previous version. Huh???

  3. Hope your book will be translated into Dutch. English reading is no problem but for to understand all the details it’s simply easier to read in my oen language! Loved the video and going to download the tial version to see what I can do with PS C6. I still use CS4 :) Thank you for attending those little fratures!

  4. The Crop out feature, I’m pretty sure I have used it in CS5, or am I remembering wrong, don’t have it in front of me right now, so I can’t check it.

    1. Yeah, you can do it in most recent version actually. You just have to start the crop edges inside the canvas, then you can expand them outside of it. 

  5. Wow!  Thanks Scott!  I used CS 6 Beta and just move up to the final version and I love it!  This small short video on features is fantastic!  I hope you’re putting all this in your new CS 6 Book!  When is it do out?  I can hardly wait!  My CS 5 book is all marked up and pages are wrinkled from all my use.  :-)

    Thanks again and I look forward to the NEW CS 6 book!


  6. I can’t buy your book from either of them since my wife owns a small bookstore here in Henderson, NC ( ) so the only way I can buy it is from you. Besides I would need you to autograph it and I couldn’t get that from them. You do have a way I can buy directly from you don’t you?

  7. Hey Scott, Love the video.  I did pre order from Amazon. I’m glad to be back from my vacation to get caught up on last week’s posts.  It was sure nice to be disconnected without a phone or internet, I loved it.  I could only wish my images were as good as yours, however, being on a cruise ship getting to locations after sunrise and leaving before sunset…  From the bay, I saw the resort you stayed at and photographed the Pitons on St Lucia. Wow what a view that must be from the resort pearched on the hill.
    See ya in just less than 3 months,Mike

  8. Has anyone done a tutorial on CS6 Print functions.  I see there’s lots of new setup options.  I’d like to understand them better.  I’m just saying…

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