Did I Mention I Publish a Lighting Magazine?

Just in case I didn’t, and just in case you haven’t downloaded the free premiere issue, I thought I’d at least let ya know about “Light It’ magazine, and show you some of the covers from our first seven issues.

The magazine is about hot-shoe flash and studio lighting, and I write a column in the magazine called “Photo recipes” where I show the final image, and then the behind-the-scenes shots of exactly how it was all done.

Here’s the short video (below) that launched the magazine and it tells you all about it (why we launched it, how we designed the magazine, and stuff like that). It’s short but totally worth checking out.

You can download the Premiere issue free on your iPad (the Android version is coming soon!), and the other issues are just $2.99 each (cheap!), plus you’ll be learning lighting techniques from some amazing teachers (we’ve featured everybody from Joe McNally to Jeremy Cowart to Joey Wright to James Schmelzer, Erik Valind, Frank Doorhof, Tom Bol, Jason Groupe, Kevin Ames, and lot of cool training (like Lighting for Weddings) from a literal whose who of flash and studio lighting. Plus we’ve got a DIY lighting columns, lot of lighting gear news, lighting Q&As, some amazing work in our gallery, and lots of fun stuff I promise you’ll love.

It’s less than coffee!
Well, it’s less than a latte where we get coffee near our office anyway, and you’ll learn enough to be able to charge coffee-chain prices for your work (OK, that whole thing is a bit of a stretch, but seriously $2.99 is cheaper than a McDonald’s Extra value meal but that doesn’t sound as cheap as the whole coffee analogy).

OK Scott, I want it. Bad! Where do I get it?
Just go to the App Store on iOS and search for “Light it Magazine” or just click this link and it will take you there.

What’s on tap for Monday here on the Blog?
I’ll be showing some pages from my Paris Photo Book. In other news: all day Monday I’ll be in our studios rolling out my new “Photoshop CS6 for Photographers” live tour to a group of invited Kelby Training subscribers for free. Can’t wait to show some of the cool new stuff in CS6 and how I’m using it today. Have a great weekend everybody!

    1. +1 for making it available in a format for those who don’t own an iPad. At this point, I’d rather put my money toward another lens. 


    1.  Ken, why don’t you just offer up The Flounder as a venue stop for his tour?  Think of all the food you would sell during the breaks?  I’m sure you could fit 400-500 people in there!



  1. Scott, I signed up on Kelby Training and I am ADDICTED!! It is AWESOME and I am so excited to try out everything I am learning! GENIUS!!!! I don not have an ipad but if I did I would get the “Light It” magazine. Its to bad it doesnt download to a MacBook Pro:(  Thanks, STEVE

  2. Hi,    your blog really touches me, have been reading it for awhile…  Just wanted you to know about a website i started ReadYourBiblesChurch.com…  It’s a place for Bible study guides..  I also put a forum in that can be viewed from a mobile device..   I couldn’t find where to contact you privately so I’m commenting,  hope that is okay.  :)  God Bless!   

  3. Hi Scott, sounds like an great idea but I unfortunatly don’t have an iPad :-( Is there a chance to read “Light it” magazine on my “common mac” soon?

    1. Click on “Archives” and then “2011” then you should see it.

      I agree about the Retina optimization.  Everything is “jaggy.”

  4. Scott, I can’t wait to see this magazine on the Droid tablet.  I’m sure my patience will be rewarded! :)

    In the meantime, I re-upped my subscription to Kelby Training last week.  I couldn’t pass up the great deal that was being offered with the $20 off and your LR4 book for free.

    I don’t know if I would make it to your CS6 tour, as I haven’t upgraded yet, but I will be going to see Matt on his LR4 tour when he hits Boston!  And I’ll get to see y’all in Vegas this September.  It should be a blast.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. “light it” sounds like a fantastic e-zine! And it’s brilliant to publish it exclusively for the iPad (since I’m the only human in the universe not to have one). Some new ways are great, but I still take comfort in the stack of Scott Kelby Photoshop books in my office. I’ve referred to them so many times that I have them almost memorized! As good as I’m sure “light it” is, I’ll have to pass.

  6. Scott, Since these apps target folks referencing them “on the fly” can you rework the interface with “popular” topic buttons that link directly to the content?  In other words  buttons like “portrait light”, “Rembrandt light”, etc that take me directly to the article or video.  I think it would work great for the Kelby training app as well! Thanks

  7. Hi Scott,
    Tim here. I’m sad I can’t get the Light It magazine because I don’t have a Tablet. Is there any way I can get it on line???

    1. it all about money….I guess Scott is paranoid of some one freely distributing the magazine. that is why he tries to secure it via DRM if you ask me that is very stupid  

  8. Scott, as I’m learning how to use my Speedites off-camera I’ve discovered that the Flash Exposure Compensation metadata isn’t imported into LR. Do you know of a workaround? If so, it would be a great article for the next issue of Light It.

    Looking forward to the next issue!

  9. I am disappointed that you are putting things like Larry Becker’s FREE Cheap Shots, from his website, in this magazine that is not cheap. Most of the other content is great.

  10. Have been purchasing this from the first issue, it fantastic and worth every penny. If you a thinking of downloading, don’t think just do it, you won’t regret it. Very high quality writing and photos with a good range of articles with a clear focus (no pun intended) on improving your knowledge and skills.

  11. By the way, the magazine is perfect for the iPad and for all of the other platform users out their, get over it I am sure that other apps and services are available and the magazine is pitched at the right price. The point is however that I assume that it’s aimed at the iPad as it is optimised to work with all of the functionality of the iPad and makes fantastic use of the display on a platform that only has one user interface and one operating system unlike the plethora of other platform and hardware out their. I have no doubt that an Android version is possible but just go and look at the magazine on an iPad and you will instantly know why it is on this digital medium, you will also see the quality of the staff at the Kelyby group shine from the screen.

    Please keep it up guys it’s outstanding.

  12. Glad you can make a buck customizing your mag to the iPad.   I’ve seen it an it’s a nice piece of work.  Thanks for the all the free stuff you share and have for years.  I’ve learned a lot just reading on your site.

  13. I have subscribed from the beginning.  I have been disappointed in how many tech glitches there have been, especially how much time the servers haven’t been working.  That is true now (11:13am Sunday, EDT)

  14. This dude Alex Koloskov taught me a few advanced tricks n tips in the latest issue with his “Creating the Yellow Melting Flower Shot”, but I was appalled when I saw the price of the X-Rite i1 Publish color management tool. (replaces the one he used in the Light It article) Doesn’t Adobe have a competing program?

  15. Hey Scott. Weird. I just remembered…. in my dream last night, you and I were just shooting and laughing and carrying on. Just like I jumped into my computer during a Kelby training video, only WE were the story. Which Reminds me. How about returning to Hawaii with the CS6 for photogs tour? It’s been years and as I recall, you always had a full crowd. I know, I know, its expensive to come to Hawaii, but it is ALSO expensive to LEAVE Hawaii to fly to the mainland for a seminar. We are starved out here. Nothing but mangos and volcanos, and giant surf, and rodeos, and sunsets and rainbows, and  waterfalls, colorful geckos, fresh fish, and historic cultural events etc. So, if you tire of Florida O.J., come over and have a Lilikoi (passion fruit) Margarita and teach us some cool stuff. I’m saving to upgrade computer/CS6 and hopefully PSW in Vegas, but times is tough. This freaking economy just lags and lags. Good to see you NAPP guys seem to be recession proof and humming right along.
       Jock Goodman

  16. Do you offer advertising opportunities for the “Light It” Magazine? I can’t find an advertising contact or a media kit anywhere on your main website or within this link. In fact—this publication isn’t mentioned on your main website. Very confused!! Is there someone I can speak with on this topic? I left an inquiry on your main website on 1/9 and called this morning—but have yet to receive a response.

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