FREE Creative Cloud Webinar!
During our 6 Days of Photoshop CS6 event, we got a ton of questions about the Cloud, so today at 3:30 ET we’re hosting a live webcast to answer some of the most burning ones.

Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion will be your hosts for this free event.

RSVP here and we’ll send you a reminder, AND you’ll be entered into a random drawing for these prizes:

See you today at 3:30PM ET!

Win a NAPP Membership!
If you use Photoshop and you’re not in the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), you’re missing out on some KILLER CS6 tutorials along with other key information about how to make the most out of Photoshop in photography, design and illustration. Plus Scott Kelby is the President of NAPP, so you know it’s a cool organization to join! :-) Leave a comment to win a one-year membership to NAPP for you and one for an active duty U.S. service man or woman or a retired member of the military. If you don’t win and you want to join NAPP now, here’s how you can get 2 extra months added onto your one-year membership free: use code SOCIAL1 when you checkout online.

Win a Copy of Scott’s new Lightroom 4 Book!
Leave a comment to win a copy of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers. This book will have you up to speed with everything that’s new in Lightroom 4 and it will also show you how to create your own efficient workflow in Lightroom. As always, if you don’t win it you can buy it here. It just arrived in the warehouse this week so get ’em while they’re hot!

Win Matt’s CS6 DVD
Who’s taken the plunge and upgraded to CS6? If so, Matt Kloskowski has a killer DVD out in a week or so that shows you all of the coolest new features â” it’s called What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Win it here before you can buy it and we’ll ship it to you the first day it arrives! Leave a comment and we’ll pick 2 lucky people. If you don’t win and you still want to have Matt at your workstation* showing you the ins and outs of CS6, just order your copy here. *You can win a copy of Matt’s DVD, not Matt.
Since I skipped last Thursday’s post, there are a bunch of new classes on Kelby Training to let you all know about!

First, Ben Willmore has two new classes on Mastering Curves: Correcting Color and Adjusting Tonality.

Next up is RC Concepcion with an introductory class on Adobe’s latest creation, the Creative Cloud.

And, last but certainly not least, is Jerry Ghionis with Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers! Of course, a lot of the techniques in this class are applicable to any portrait situation, not just weddings. If you have people in front of your camera, this is definitely one to watch!

Lightroom 4 Live Seminar Tour
Matt Kloskowski is hitting the road again in June with the Lightroom 4 Live tour! Here are the cities and dates:

Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these seminars! Make sure you state which city too :-)

One Light, Two Light Seminar Tour with Joe McNally
That’s right, Joe McNally is back with another seminar tour, and this time he’s keeping things simple! During the One Light, Two Light Seminar, he’ll show you how to create amazing images with just one or two lights. He’s kicking things off in July with some stops in Canada, and we’ll have more cities and dates to announce soon.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these seminars! (And, again, let me know which city)

Here are the lucky winners of the giveaways from a couple weeks ago:

What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6 DVD
– Darlene
– Geocarpenter

Lightroom 4 Crash Course DVD
– Simon
– Bob

Lightroom 4 Book – Spiral Bound
– Dana
– David Rondeau

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for the great site. I check it daily. Thanks. Brook Wrd

  2. Hey – no fair! No workshops coming to Los Angeles! But still love you guys anyway!

  3. Great stuff. I would love to go to one of Joe McNally’s One Light, Two Light Seminars in Ottawa! Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Wow, Brad!  A lot of Free Thursday goodness this week.  I plan to catch Matt in Boston during his tour, and I just got Scott’s new book….hmm, put me down for Matt’s new CS6 DVD, and a NAPP one year renewal, then.  Either one would make a great birthday present for me. ;-)


  5. I would love to win any of it, but the Lightroom 4 book would be great!

  6. Great prizes!  I hope my name is picked!

  7. All of them sound great.  

  8. I’d love to get a copy of Matt’s CS6 DVD. Thanks!

  9. Hey Brad, there are a lot of great prizes here! I would love to have Matt’s DVD or Scott’s book especially! Unfortunately I am not in any of the cities for the tours but hopefully I’ll win a prize and it will lessen the pain. 

  10. Would love Matt’s new CS6 DVD.

  11. Thanks for the chance to win….

  12. I’d love Matt’s CS6 DVD  

  13. I’ll take a free NAPP membership! Thx!

  14. I would love to win anything!

  15. Joe in Montreal, amazing. Crossing my fingers to win.

  16. Would love to win!

  17. Love to win a any of the prizes! Thanks!

  18. ooh – I could sure use an LR4 book.

  19. Do we need to comment once for each prize or will one post count for all three? If I have to choose I’d take the NAPP membership. Second choice would be the Lightroom 4 book.

  20. I would love to win the LR4 book, I have the book on LR3 as well as the whole Digital Photography Series by Scott Kelby.  Love them all, he has a knack for teaching!  

  21. Thanks for all the info and expertise you sare! I’d *love* to win the NAPP membership!! :)

  22. Would love to win either the book, DVD, or a NAPP membership (which in my case would be a renewal). Thanks!

  23. Already a NAPP member but would like to receive the LR4 Book. Maybe this time I get picked…

  24. I would love to win the membership for my wife and my cousin that’s in the navy. I shoot and she edits.

  25. I would love to win the membership for my wife and my cousin that’s in the navy. I shoot and she edits.

  26. Would love to get ahold of that LR4 book.   Just got the update and starting to figure out the changes.

  27. A NAPP membership for an overseas British subscriber would be awesome! :)

  28. I would love to win any of the prizes especially Matt’s DVD!!!! Awesome giveaway!

  29. Would love the LR4 book, cause the live tour isn’t coming to Europe.

  30. LR4 seems a lil more intricate than I expected. Wld love to have Scott’s new book. Or Matt’s DVD too :D

  31. CS6 seems like it has tons of new stuf. Hoping Matt’s DVD can demystify it for me :)

  32. The amount of free stuff appears to be growing exponentially…loving it :-)  Now if we could just convince Joe McNally to stop in Winnipeg, MB as he travels between AB and ON.

  33. LR4 book ‘me, Danno!

  34. LR4 book for me :-)

  35. LR4 book for me :-), it seems that the number of prices keeps increasing every week :-)

  36. I’ll go for the LR4 book!

  37. Lightroom training in S. San Francisco would be great to win.

  38. Hey brad, thanks for the chance to win here, i’d take the book if i win :=)

  39. Please draw my name freom the hat :-) 

  40. Hi This is Daya all the way from India, ‘Im probably your biggest fan in would love the NAPP membership cause i cant afford it right now..even if i don’t win it i just wanna mention that what you guys are doing is awesome. I love the concept of collaborative work and thats what im trying to push here in India.Keep up the great work guys.


  41.  Guten Tag,

    I’m from germany. I just try it.
    Maybe I will win.

    Viele Grüße

  42. I just finished watching The Grid episode with Jerry and Matt. Loved every bit of it!
    It’s good to see a talented Aussie getting some recognition for his work and teaching skills!

  43. OK I admit it, my photoshop skills are woeful! Would love a digital membership of NAPP as I’m in the UK and need something to grace my brand new IPad ;)

  44. How did I end up here? I was looking at free-range angora goat husbandary on YouTube and must have taken a wrong turn.

  45. I’d love this LR4 book!

  46. Free stuff Thursday, followed by end of the working week Friday, all’s good in the world :)
    Will gladly accept any prize that can be shipped to Ireland.

  47. Still digesting the hangout videos from the G+ conference … :-)

    Up for the prizes! (not the seminars … they are a “bit” too far)

  48. Woot~ Free stuff!! You guys rock. Pick me because I’m from Canada! ;)

  49. Great to have everyone back from San Fran!

  50. The lightroom 4 book or the NAPP membership would make me very happy!

  51. I live in DC so a tix to LR4 would be awesome.

  52. I’d love to win a copy of the LR 4 Book for Digital Photographers.

  53. Loving LR4 sure would be Nice to have Scott’s book to guide me along.

  54. I’m in Toronto! Would love to see Joe. Though anything free would knock my socks off!

  55. I hope I win the prize!

  56.  Hi Scott, nice reading your posts…

  57. I need all the help I can get with LR4.  Thanks for the chance.

  58. Joe in Toronto??? Nice!! Would love to win a ticket for that one.

  59. A NAPP membership would be fantastic. 

  60. Free is the root of all happiness.

  61. Joe McNally in Toronto! Yeah!  or NAPP membership!

  62. Would love to have a copy of the new LR4 book!

  63. I’d love to win a copy of Scott’s LR 4 book.

  64. Tossing my name in the hat for any of the great giveaways.  A co-worker of mine (USAF, Ret) could really use a NAPP membership.

  65. That free NAPP membership would be sweet!

  66. The DVD or a renewal on my NAPP membership would be nice.

  67. Entering the lottery :)

  68. Entering the lottery :)

  69. I’d love to be a winner, winner! The only thing I can’t do is get to Canada for the Joe M. Seminar.

  70. I don’t know how can you guys do all of this, but everything related with Scott Kelby is amazing.
    Starting with KelbyTraining then a tons of podcast (freeeeee) OMG, then books, then all the instructors (none of them are better that the other – you all are stars)

    I have learned so much already and every time I get back to continue watching more videos @kelbytraining:twitter pickup more new knowledge.

    Please keep it up!

    A true statement from your awesome @dtown:twitter free podcast “You guys are awesome” I like it

    Thank you so much

  71. I would love to have Scott’s LR4 book.

  72. I’d love an LR4 book.

  73. Learning LR4 would be awesome…especially in Houston

  74. Thank you for taking the time each week to publish these quick notes and arranging the guest writers. I find myself bringing up your site every day at some point to see what you have writtern. Unfortuately I never seem to have the time to watch one of your webinars but I suspect that they are even more beneficial. Thanks

  75. I would love the NAPP membership.  Already a member, but it would extend it another year.  

  76. I love Free Stuff Thursdays:) hoping to win a Lightroom 4 seat in Houston.

  77. i bought the LR3 book and now have LR4 … so I need a new book, right ? and free is good at any price

  78. nothing like free gifts for your birthday. the NAPP membership would be cool. 

  79. Wow — all kinds of awesome, as usual. Matt in Boston, or Joe in Montreal or Toronto would be crazy cool. But any of these prizes would be a great score!

  80. I would love to win something. Pick me please? :-P

  81. Pick Me! Pick Me! Please pick me! I’m a big fan and would love a chance at any of the great prizes (especially with Joe coming to Canada!)

  82. I can’t wait to see Joe, unfortunately I have a shoot on the day he’s in Toronto, so I’ll be heading up to Ottawa on the 5th. Free tickets to that would be great!

  83. The membership, the book, the DVD – I’d be thrilled to receive any of these! Thanks for all the great stuff.

  84. I’d be grateful for any of these giveaways, but I’d take the NAPP membership since you’re asking! Thanks!

  85. Lr4 book – or anything! Thanks!

  86. Not a NAPP member. I’m just sayin’

    Floof and Run

  87. I would love to check out Matt’s Lightroom workshop in Washington D.C.   I need all the help I can get!

  88. Matt’s CS6 DVD would be cool.  Would love to see the LR4 tour but am over here in England!

  89. The Lightroom 4 book would be great.

  90. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers. Can’t think of a better way to get up to speed with Lightroom 4 than being guided by Scott Kelby.

  91. Would love a LR4 book or Joe McNally’s seminar in Montreal

  92. Seeing Joe in Toronto would be great!

  93. Winning Matt’s CS6 DVD or Scott’s Lightroom 4 book would be great.  Please put my name in the hat for either one.  Thanks.

  94. Lightroom 4 book please!

  95. Like turtles, I like free stuff!

  96. Great stuff! (As Always!) – Thanks for the chance to win!!

  97. The Lightroom 4 book would be nice.

  98. I would love the opportunity to win a ticket to see Joe McNally’s Montreal seminar.

  99. Would love to win any of the prizes you have going this week. I’m looking forward to Matt’s LR4 tour in Lansing….already signed up…see you there!

  100. loved the last lightroom book! look forward to the next one! :)

  101. I would love to win a prize.

  102. Would love any free stuff. you guys are GREAT!

  103. As I am not experienced in Lightroom, i would love to win the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers!

  104. Well awesome blog as usual. Would Definitely love Winning scott’s book about lightRoom

  105. I would love the Lightroom book. I’ve just upgraded to LR4 and will be going to Matt’s class in DC. So, the book would be just great! Or Matt’s CS 6 DVD…

  106. Thanks for all the free stuff opportunities! Would love anything to help me transition to CS6 from CS3, or anything about Lightroom!

  107. Since you mentioned new kelby training videos — I noticed for a time over the weekend you had Scott’s Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It Live course on there from Tampa, but it’s not there now. Just wondering why?

  108. Would love the Lightroom 4 book OR a chance to attend the Houston seminar!

  109. I wouldn’t mind winning Matt’s DVD.

  110. Anyone of them works for me – thanks!
    LR4 material would always be helpful.

  111. My wife gave me the LR3 book for Christmas and just upgraded to PS-CS6 so getting the LR4 book right now is not in the budget… Getting it for being lucky would be cool… and of course I would be happy with anything you might toss my way… thanks so much!!

  112. So many nice freedies I can’t decide.  Seeing Matt in Richmond or DC would be special and who wouldn’t want Scott LR4 book.  Why not throw in Matt DVD for kicks.

  113.  I always appreciate free stuff.

  114. You should bring the Lightroom 4 seminar to Orlando or Tampa! I’d love to win a copy of the LR4 book.

  115. Matt’s CS6 DVD, but the 1 year extension to my NAPP membership would be great too.

    Looking forward to the Creative Cloud discussion today.

  116. What a bunch of great prizes! Thanks!

  117. I JUST got Lightroom 4…new to the whole Lightroom craze…so I’m SUPPPPER Excited to be winning Scotts new Lightroom 4 book to help me along! (hint…hint)

  118. The NAPP mambership would be great!

  119. Scott’s LR4 book would be nice, so would the NAPP membership.

  120. I would really enjoy winning a copy of Scott’s LR book…my third in the series.

  121. Hi Brad, any info on when the Day in Paris with Jay and Scott will be released.. Here’s hoping it will not take as long as day 2.   Like everyone I really enjoyed the last 2.  

  122. I would love to win the Lightroom book.

  123. Good makeup session

  124. One of these days ill be able to afford this membership on my own with out needing to inter a contest , but for now ill try and win one… 

  125. All the free stuff is great!  Thanks for all you do guys!  You teach me so much every day!!

  126. Another great week of prizes, but hoping for the seminar in Washington, DC!

  127. A NAPP membership to a brazilian fan? ;) 

  128. All fabulous prizes but Scott’s “Bundle” is what I’d like to have. Thanks in advance!

  129. I’d love to win the Lightroom book. By the way, has anyone told Ben that curves are yesterday’s news? At least that’s what Scott implied…

  130.  Greetings from the UK. To win either Scott or Matts book would be amazing. Fingers crossed.

  131. Scott’s or Matt’s new book would rock! Hope McNally come close to my hometown. His workshops are awesome!  

  132. I’d be happy to win any of the items, Thx!

  133. Wow! lots of prizes!  Too bad can’t go to any of the seminars but do like to win one of these:

    LR 4 book
    one year of NAPP menbership
    Matt’s CS6 DVD


  134. I was a member for many years and as some things go, family and work slowed down my photography, with things finally getting back to where I have free time to do photos, it would be great to start my membership back going

  135. I would love to have the lightroom 4 book.

  136. Wow, so many prizes!  I would love any of them, although I wouldn’t be able to make it to the seminars.    =(

  137. You guys are SO generous with your give-a-ways!!! Many thanks!

  138. Would love a copy of the new lightromm 4 book.

  139. I would be so grateful for a free NAPP membership! I would find every aspect of it useful. Honestly, I would be grateful to win anything…..books would be of such use in my business. Fingers crossed in Kentucky!!!!

  140. Id like a copy of the new lightroom 4 book

  141. I’d love a ticket to Matt’s Lightroom tour in Boston or Scott’s Lighteoom book!

  142. Would love to win Scott’s LR4 book.
     And speaking of 
    Lightroom 4 Live Seminar Tour do you think Matt can come to NE Florida? Maybe Jacksonville (I live 1hr south in St. Augustine) or how about Orlando (that’s a 2.5hr trip). Thanks, Jan Gemeinhardt

  143. Hello. A copy of Scott Kelby’s book for Lightroom
    4 would be great.
    Thank you

  144. Where is Photoshop World 2013 going to be held? I live in Ohio. I went to Vegas Photoshop World when my son was a dealer at the Rio, now he has moved to St. Pete. Bring it back to Florida, so I have an excuse to go!!!

  145. Christmas comes early to Ottawa with the announcement of Joe McNally’s tour. I’l be there for sure!

  146. you guys made my day today!!!  I’m going to see Joe’s Class…. :)

  147. Wow, gotta say i love thursdays from now on… wonder if the draw prices apply worldwide or only in the US…

  148. Love a copy of the Lightroom 4 book. Thanks!

  149. I’d love to win the free NAPP membership, LR4 Book or the CS6 DVD….I’m not hard to please. Thanks!!!

  150. Wow, again great giveaways! Would love either the Lightroom 4 book or Matt’s CS6 DVD!

  151. Great stuff! Would love to win a seat at a seminar in Indianapolis IN or Louisville KY.

  152. I would love to win a NAPP membership (renewal) and/or Matt’s DVD. I’m just getting ready to upgrade to CS6.

  153. The membership or the book would be awesome! Keep up the good work! 

  154. Any of the prizes would make my day

  155. You forgot to mention Joe’s July 3rd Vancouver seminar!

  156. Well any of those that don’t involve a transatlantic tip ;0S

  157. Awesome stuff as always guys!  Just a quick FYI… I visit this blog regularly from and today when I went to the page, my anti-virus kicked back a message saying that a trojan horse was blocked.  It may just be something on my end, but wanted to make you guys aware of it.  It happens on any page from this blog and it wasn’t doing this yesterday.

  158. Its me again, here’s the info from my anti-virus (avast!)  …hope this helps, but if its nothing, feel free to delete this post!


    Process:C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe

    Infection:JS:ScriptSH-inf [Trj]

  159. Would love to see McNally in Toronto! Although I’m skeptical of his ability to stick with only 1 or 2 lights… ha!

  160. First I want to say that I recently purchased Scott’s Lightroom 4 book and I love it! But of all the prizes, I would love to win the NAPP membership or Matt’s CS6 DVD. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Denise Diaz

  161. I’d love to win the Lightroom 4 book!

  162. I’d love to win the NAPP membership!

  163. I’d love to win a copy of the Lightroom 4 Book!

  164. I’d love to win either Scott’s book or Matt’s DVD. Both are needed as I’ve updated my Lightroom and Photoshop.

  165. Would love the NAPP Membership or LR4 book!  Been away from NAPP for a couple of years and I’m missing the great tips.

  166. Roses are post processed and saturated as RED
    Violets are bumped up with the slider labeled BLUE
    NAPP memberships and Scott’s Lightroom 4 book: Comment to get for free?
    ‘Scuse me while I put down my Wacom pen and squeal like a banshee with glee!

  167. If by chance I win, give my membership to another US service man or woman

  168. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers I would keep if I win:)

  169. I would love to get my hands of the Lightroom 4 book by Scott!

  170. Thank you for a chance to receive the NAPP membership and/or the Scott kelby books. Much appreciated.

  171. I would love a chance to win a tix to Joe’s One Light, Two Lights seminar in Ottawa, ON! :-)

  172. Please, put me to Lightroom 4 and Matt’s DVD Bingo machine!! Would love to win any of these!

  173. Would love to win any of those great items!

  174. I’d love to win either the Lightroom 4 book or Matt’s dvd

  175. Be happy to win anything.

  176. I’d like to win the 1 year NAPP membership. It be jolly ‘ole fun to learn more tricks of the trade.

  177. I’d love the NAAP membership! I don’t have CS6 OR Lightroom 4! Thanks! 

  178. The Lightroom 4 Book would be a great help to me, as I know Kelby will explain it all intelligently with just a touch of humor.

  179. Please toss my name into the hat for any of those great gifts, and keep those great tutorials coming our way, thanks.

  180. Hey guys, great site… I really enjoy your books and I am looking forward to the LR4 book, hopefully I’ll win some of your free stuff :)

  181. Cool prizes, can’t really tell which one I want the most…

  182. Im a WInner… LOL

  183. I would love any of the books DVDs or NAPP membership. The tours are too far away for me.

  184. I want the book!!

  185. The Lightroom 4 book would be great!!

  186. You always have great prizes. I would love to win any of them.

  187. One book please :)

  188. I think the one light two light seminar in Toronto is just what I need to expand my knowledge of lighting.

  189. I have enjoyed all the books from Scott and Matt; they have been great!
    Would love a NAPP membership or the Lightroom 4 book or CS6 DVD.

  190. I’d love either the NAPP membership or the Lightroom 4 book. Thanks!

  191. Missed the Adobe Creative Cloud Q&A…work just keeps getting in the way of fun.
    Any of the other freebies would be great!

  192. I would love to attend the Washington, DC seminar. But sickness in the family has strained the pocketbook. If it be God’s will, it will happen.
    Thanks for all the great work and how you share it freely.


  193. I’d love a ticket to see Joe in Toronto. Loved the guy at Photoshop World last year. His 9/11 photos still astound me with the firefighters and the ballerina and then when he went back 10 years later. 

  194. Wow, a free NAPP membership or a copy Scott’s new Lightroom 4 book  would be totally groovy

  195. I’d love to have a free NAPP membership!  Thanks!

  196. McNally at Toronto, pls.

  197. Please ask Matt to schedule his Lightroom 4 presntation in Phoenix, AZ. His cs6 cd would be great

  198. Lightroom 4 book. Oh yes.

  199. My country was once liberated by the US military, so a GREAT idea to do something for them. AnD when I would win a NAPP membership by the way, that would also be great!

  200. NAPP Membership or LR4 book for me!

  201. I would like the NAPP membership or the Lightroom book.

  202. please please please I would like the NAPP membership! I’m already learning a lot from, time to improve those photoshop skills !!!  :)

  203. The NAPP membership or the “What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6” DVD would be great. Thx!

  204. I would like the CS6 DVD

  205. Great prizes. Would be happy to win anything. Thanks

  206. Hi, I’d love the free NAPP membership but would be equally grateful to win any of the prizes. Many Thanks

  207. I would be thrilled to win tickets to see the great Joe McNally in Toronto. This is going to be an amazing seminar.

  208. I would love to catch Matt Kloskowski when he is in Lansing Mi for the Lightroom 4 Live Seminar.

  209. I would love to win a year membership in the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I am a retired Navy Photographer and really need to catch up on the newer version of Photoshop.  

  210. Sign me up for any of the free stuff.  Love your blog

  211. I would love the Free NAPP membership!

  212. Fabulous!  I’d love to win a one year NAPP membership….but all of your items are wonderful, so I’ll be happy with any of them!  THx.

  213. I’d love a copy of Matt’s Photoshop CS6 DVD

  214. I’d love to win that year membership!  

  215. Lightroom 4 live in Boston would be nice

  216. Free stuff is cool!:)

  217. Cool items, would love to win any of them.

  218. me, me, me!  pick me for either the LR4 book or NAAP membership :)

  219. Looking forward to the South San Francisco Lightroom 4 Seminar….

  220. Enter me for a ticket to see Joe In Toronto!

  221. thank you very much. i hope i am the winner this time!!

  222. For once, if only I could win….

  223. Hey count me in to win a free Lightroom 4 book or a NAPP membership

  224. I am looking forward reading the new Lightroom 4 book. It would be quicker if you pick me as a winner ;)

  225. McNally in Toronto! Awesome!

  226. One light, two light seminar with Joe McNally, in Montréal. Bien oui!! 

  227. I first used Photoshop when I was a technical writer around 1995 and despite numerous role changes, have never been able to let go. I just recently had a surge of creativity that has brought me back to my bookshelf and am so renewed. I registered today for Photoshop World Expo in Las Vegas and the new CS4 Lightroom book would be an awesome addition to my arsenal! 

  228. NAPP Membership, Lightroom Book? I’d love to win them both!

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