Some Photoshop 7-Point-System Stuff


When I wrote it, one thing that never occurred to me was that people would be posting before/afters of their photography after applying my “Seven Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3,” which was introduced in my latest book (of the same name), but they’re popping up everywhere (honestly, it’s so exciting to see my students doing this). Anyway, here are some examples I ran across this week (thanks to Google Alerts):

  • Jeff’s Photo Blog has some nice before/after examples from his using the book. Click here to see his examples.
  • Here’s another reader who posted some great examples (and I love his headline): Click here to jump there.
  • The Delta-Romeo blog has a mini-review and comment on the book right here.
  • And here’s some terrific shots of Mustangs (the cars, not the horses), and before/afters using “The System.”

Thanks so much to everyone out there who’s helping to spread the word about this new system. It really means a lot. :)

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  1. I think in Lesson 4, step 12, you forgot the next step of how to blend the mirrored sky into the lake.
    I have looked for errata, but could not find any.

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