Some Quick Friday Stuff (incl. the last day to get our best offer of the year)


This is it — the very last day to get our best KelbyOne membership deal of the year. In short, here’s what it is:

A one-year membership, just $149 (our lowest price of the year), PLUS, you get two awesome bonuses (our Creative Pack full of Photoshop & Lightroom goodies, and my “Live From the Tampa Theater” full day seminar lighting and retouching seminar, from start to finish).

There are also great deals on Photoshop World Full Conference Passes (Save $300), and save a bunch on our latest books (including books by Peter Hurley & Jay Maisel).

Here’s the link:

This all ends tonight at midnight, so “get ’em while they’re hot!”

New Photoshop CC Features and Cool New Lighting Stuff
While out was out in Chicago (Brrrrrr!), RC and the gang had a great show on “The Grid, deoming the just released new features added to Photoshop CC, and we had Brandon from Westcott on to talk about some cool lighting gear. The whole show is right above.

seven7A big shoutout and thanks to for not only naming KelbyOne as one of their “7 Awesome Sites for Learning How to Use Photoshop” but for writing:

“If you’re looking for one Photoshop-centric subscription, KelbyOne should be it.”

We’re excited and honored and doing a major happy dance. Their post is found right here. 



Chicago Today — Tampa on Monday
Today I’m teaching my “Shoot Like a Pro: Part 2 (Reloaded)” seminar in Chicago, and on Monday I’ll be on my home turf with my last seminar for the year — I hope I’ll see you in one or the other (it’s not to late to get tickets for my Tampa seminar).

Hope you have a great weekend (Go Bucs!), and we’ll see you back here on Monday.



  1. Dear Scott, I am a huge fan of you and Kelbyone and regularly watch videos there. However, since November 20th or so I cannot sign-in via website, only through my app in the iPhone. I thought it was me and my bad memory, but when I try to recover my password, it shows ‘invalid username or e-mail’. I received an e-mail from helpdesk on the 24th saying there was a problem and they are correcting it, but so far, nothing. The worst part, however, is that I am sure my subscription is about to end (or ended already) and I would like to renew it, specially if I can get a cyber deal, but there is not way to do that, I am stuck, and cyber-deal ends today. I hope you can make some exceptions for people facing the same issues I am facing right now, since I cannot access my account details or anything right now.
    Thank you.

  2. Scott:
    I am also not able to access the website and haven’t been able to for 2 weeks. I recently called the Kelby1 direct # and listened to the recorded message about this problem. Today I tried to call the 800# listed on the website and it says it is no longer available. I then called the direct phone # again. The RC recording is still playing but it says stay on the line to talk to a rep. I was on hold for over 21 minutes and finally got tired of waiting, so I hung up. I also sent an email 3 days ago to Kelby1 and as of this writing, still no reply. Not sure you are aware of the problem, but, you should be. Would like a response from Kelby 1 as to the timetable for the problem to be fixed. It does me no good to pay for training and not be able to access it.
    Long time NAPP and Kelby 1 customer,

    1. Yeah, I’ve pretty much got RC’s message memorized by now. I like the US based support, but it needs to be better than this. I’m just trying to find out when my account expires so I can decide if I want to take advantage of one of the Cyber deals. I think the date shown on the web page is wrong.

    2. I would LOVE some kind of general update as to when the site will be available again. No one but members seem to be saying anything about it and it is a total downer. I’m paid up through next year so I don’t have the same issue, but it would be nice to know when I can actually use the training I paid for :(

  3. Is their any cyber deals for long time members who paid for NAPP membership last year and then paid for training membership before everything was changed to Kelbyone.

    1. I received an email that was aimed at NAPP members saying that there was a “big sale” on membership but the price was $99… which is the regular old price for NAPP… in parenthesis it said the normal price was $199. I’m not sure what’s going on there. Last year I got my membership on sale for $89! Scott had said that folks who were grandfathered in would keep the $99 for life (as long as you don’t let membership lapse). This seems to have changed already? Would love some info from staff on this.

  4. That Grid episode was EXCITING!!! The 3D!!! The super cool lighting advances by Westcott!!! AND THE FONT SORTING FEATURE ZOMG!!!!!!! Guys. GUYS. I have been praying to the Adobe gods for YEARS for something like this and I cannot overstate how big of a deal it is. Now we just need it in Illustrator and life will be heaven <3
    Thank you for putting together these shows, guys. RC, you rock. Seriously. Pete, I am hoping for some awesome tutorials from you on the new Illustrator tools; you're the best! And Corey! More 3D! Yes! I am SO ready to make my own action figures!!! BRING ON THE TRAINING, GENTLEMEN!!! My body is ready! LOL

  5. I’ve managed to renew my Kelby Training package using the deal. At the same time I paid for the Photoshop for Photographer CC deal as well. I have received an email confirming the order and have access to the Kelby One training videos along with the downloads for Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It, but no where do I have any details of how to get access to the Photoshop CC package.

    I have emailed support a few times about this and had no reply, and I have also raised this question through the membership support page with Kelby One. Again – no reply.

    I have to say that this is more than a bit disappointing, and it’s not the service I expect from what has so far (three years) been a good company to deal with. I hope someone at Kelby training is going to help sort this out.


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