Sometimes, it all just comes together…

Anytime I shoot a game, I try to share little tidbits of what I’ve learned in order to help my fellow shooters, so I made this demotivational poster (with a shot from my Patriots/Bucs game last week) to remind us all that Focus is more than just a word — it’s a five-letter word. I have no idea what that means. Enjoy.

  1. Scott, ever been fishing?  The biggest trout let the food come to them. Wait for it, brother. That game winning 99 yard interception is coming your way. Aren’t you glad you’re not shooting film?

  2. I love how you share everything. The thing I seem to have the most trouble with is to remember to check my settings before I put the camera up to take a photo… hmmm,.. that is blurry! Oh yeah… still on manual focus from last night. darn… it would have been a good one.

    1. A shot a country band at a bar one night, then had a dawn shoot at Monument Valley (my one and only time there) and forgot to reset my ISO from 1,600 down to 100 (on a camera that didn’t do 1,600 ISO very well), and all my Monument Valley shots are at 1,600 ISO. On a tripod. :(

      1.  Oh yeah… kinda like getting that never will happen again shot only to discover the ISO should have been 200 and it was 2500. Made me sick…

        I must tell you that if you are ever in the Detroit area… well actually anywhere in Michigan, I would love to buy you lunch and chat.

  3. People always look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I take 2000+ pictures at a HS basketball game, and only keep about 200… If only they knew what those other 1800 look like…

    1. I will take 700-1000 at a youth football game and only share the 30 – 40 best with the group. It kills my wife as she wants me to post all of them, but if there is anything Kelby has taught me it is show only the best (unless you are teaching of course).

  4. Scott, Every photographer has had moments like this but they’re rarely shared. We all know the exhilaration of “nailing” a shot and we’ve all had (a lot of) shots like your example. I LOVE that you shared it because it shows that even pros like you miss a few shots on your way to “nailing it.”

  5. Scott … you crack me up! :-)  It’s good to know that now and then ….. you’re like the rest of us! :-)  Have a Great Time at Photoshop World, and it was great meeting you at the Denver Seminar!  I learned a bunch!



  6. Hey, that’s my home Team! The Bucs squeaked by on that one!  Thanks for making me feel a lot better about the shots I have to delete…..even in nature photography!  oyyy

  7. I do a lot of cycling photography and there are days that I don’t feel like I can do anything right, from finding the right location getting files in focus. I have wanted to to dump my gear. Then I meet someone, who just does it for fun, (I guess seeing guys in Lycra) and I change my prospective. I usually get one good shot and of course if I can I try new techniques. In the end try to have fun. I know it’s a jog

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