Hi Gang: I usually don’t post on Wednesday, but today we’re rolling out something totally new for Photoshop World—something we’ve never been before, but we gotten so many requests for it, we wanted to make it available.

It’s a one-day only pass to Photoshop World Las Vegas. That way, if you can’t attend the entire three day event, you can at least go for one day, take all the classes that day you want to take, check out the Expo floor, and do the whole experience, but without taking a week off of work.

You can use your one-day pass on these dates:

  • Wednesday (Sept. 1) and includes entrance to Opening Keynote from Adobe, expo floor, and you can attend party at House of Blues (party ticket required).
  • Thursday (Sept. 2) and can attend the “Art of Digital Photography” evening presentation, and/or Midnight Madness (tickets limited).
  • Friday (Sept. 3) includes all classes, and expo floor access, and special closing ceremony presentation

One day Pricing is $299 for NAPP members, or $349 for non members, (but non-members get a 90-day trial NAPP membership included with their one-day pass).

If you choose any one-day pass, you’re also eligible to sign-up for an optional pre-conference workshop held on August 31st. To snag one of these “first time ever” one day passes, click right here.

Fine Print: Of course, you can’t combine special promotional offers or discounts with a one-day pass purchase. One-day Pass holders are not eligible for a Pro Pass, Speed Pass, Portfolio Review or Guru Award competition.

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  1. Suggestion for future blog: Update on your photographic uses for your iPad. Is it a good photo album? How do you move images there – only after individually adjusting each to perfection? Do you use LR to “Export full-size JPEGs” to do it? etc.

  2. Paul: Here’s some links to help you out…

    Photos onto an iPad:

    Presets – Lightroom iPad Export Settings (via Lightroom Killer Tips)

    iPad Camera Connection Kit review (via Terry White’s Tech Blog)

    Using iPad as a photo album:

    iPad as a 2nd monitor (PC only) (via Digital ProTalk)

    Is Your iPad Making You Money Yet? (via Digital ProTalk)

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