Special “This Weekend Only Deal” on Blurb Photo Books: 25% Off!!!

Get 25% off your next Blurb book!
This is a sweet deal from Blurb.com (makers of awesome photo books, and I wish this deal had been available earlier — I’ve printed five or six books in a row through Blurb.com since it’s now integrated directly into Lightroom 4, and the quality has been really great!!!!
Here’s how Blurb describes it, but don’t let the fact that it sounds a bit like “Marketeze” throw you off — their stuff is fantastic! Highly recommended!
“Blurb enables anyone - whether first-time book makers or experienced pros - to design, publish, promote, and sell beautiful printed books and ebooks. You can use Lightroom 4 (see the new Book module), Adobe InDesign®, or Blurb's free book making tools.
And if you make a book by Sunday at Midnight ET, you can save 25%. Just use the code BECREATIVE. Visit Blurb.com and get started today.”
Special Checkout Code: BECREATIVE
Get it while it’s hot (well, get in on it this weekend, anyway!). Thanks to Blurb.com for making this deal available to the readers of my blog. We always dig a great deal!
  1. O…M…G…   Scott, I just finished my cruise photo book and I was going to upload it to Blurb today.  Great timing for this promo.  Thanks to you and Matt for all the tips and tricks on making this photo book a reality.  I was psyched on how it came out (at least on the computer screen!), and following along in your new Lightroom 4 book was super easy.

    Thanks again!!


  2. Hey Scott, 

    I was finishing a book i made from my last vacation, and i wanted to know how you were able to pull out the side by side pages to post them on the internet? I have some friends and family who want to look at the book online, but i want to show them the page view instead of individual images. 


  3. I’ve seen a number of complaints (including Blurb’s own forums) about the quality of Blurb’s printing and binding.  Thoughts?

    Also, wasn’t Adobe going to offer alternative printers?

  4. Just ordered my first Blurb Book.  The 25% discount is still working with the BECREATIVE code.  also, there was already a 20% off code for using lightroom (maybe only for my first book).  Of course, only one code applies.

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