Submit Your Photos For Today’s “Blind Critiques” Live on “The Grid” (broadcast live at 4:00 pm ET today).

Sorry to interrupt Guest Blog Wednesday, but I know a lot of you have been waiting for the next “Live Blind Critique” episode of “The Grid” and well, it’s been just over a month since the last one, so it’s today.

If you’d like to have your work considered for today’s blind critiques (we show your images but don’t mention your name on the air), just leave us a link to your portfolio right here:, or to some images you’ve posted online, and we’ll pick 20 or so photographer’s work to go over on the show (not based on who posted first — we choose based on showing variety and images we think can help our viewers).

Then, we’ll see you at 4:00 pm today at (by the way, I’m holding a note in the photo above. Not really, but it sounds better than catching flies).

  1. Hi Scott, great idea! Here’s a link to a Flickr-album I created a month ago or so. Looking forward to watching your show even if my pics won’t make it! All the best, Annelie

  2. Hi Scott,  I watched the last two blind critiques and hope I can get in on this one.  I shoot with a 7D and have only gotten serious about growing my skills in the last year or so.  After the last critique I went and opened a 500px account and have since spent time giong through my own photos and slowly populating my gallery. It can be found at

    There are maybe 20 or so pictures there. I would love any feedback that will help me improve.  My intention is to make this into more than just a hobby so any assistance would be fantastic.


  3. Hello Scott, please see or

    The first I’ve just started as a blog, the second I’ve been adding pictures too for a few months to try and get some feedback. I’m pretty new to the idea of taking my photography seriously and am devouring all the information I can.

    I travel a lot for work but will be hoping to fit in some workshops and training during vacations this year.

    My fingers are crossed!

    Kind regards, Iain

  4. Hi guys, Great Show.. now i know how your blood boils when someone asks for which lens and the best aperture etc etc, yeah big yawn. Well there is a lens that has gone unnoticed from just about all the pro’s and the interweb folk. before i lead u into the lens, we all know that the 70-200 2.8 ers are cracking glass. though they are pricey and all made for FX (35mm) sensors. Here’s the thing (scott quote) Sigma have a lens in their high end range that is made for the crop sensor its a 50-150mm 2.8. therefore the equiv lens made for crop sensor bodies. as far as i know this is the only lens of its type. i’ve owned it for years and i can tell you its a cracker. bonus balls, cheaper than the 70-200, smaller, V well made..this glass needs a mention. i bet most of your viewers like me still use crop sensors. this really is the lens that ought to be buying… happy days from the Uk..

  5. Hi Scott,  Thanks for doing this.  I dont know if you remember me, I met you during DC Photoshop World.  I was the guy that suggested having some classes on Architecture photography.  I would be so happy to get some feed back from you and Matt about my photos.  Being a practicing Architect I mostly shoot architecture, and work doing so for other architects.  Here is a link to some of my photos on 500PX and also my website:

    I even included a photo of my Cat and Dog just for you…. (I dont seriously show it as part of my Architecture work).  Thanks again.

    Jose Valcarcel

  6. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for this opportunity!  It would mean a lot to me to have you critique my photos.  I’ve learned a lot from you, Matt, RC and Corey.  Hope I get a chance to be Critique!



  7. Considering the rising popularity of these blind critiques, may I suggest dedicating an entire show on Kelby TV to critiquing submitted portfolios?  I think it would be a big hit, especially if you could organize episodes where guest hosts like Zack Arias, Lindsay Adler, etc. could join members of the Kelby crew.  I’ve been keeping an eye on Scott’s G+ post about today’s crit and it’s approaching 400 submissions.  Surely it will only grow and grow, far beyond the capacity of a once-a-month episode on The Grid!

    1.  I can only speculate, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a weekly critique show would become one of the most popular shows on Kelby TV, and it would be a wonderful compliment to the other shows.  Imagine the value of being able to learn about a new technique or a new piece of equipment on an episode of D-Town or The Grid and then using that new information to create a series of images that we can then submit to “The Weekly Critique”.

  8. Scott or Brad,

    Will there be a vendor or tradeshow area at google+? I have two international companies (photography related) that are very interested and whom I work with. Can you send me the vendor persons contact ASAP?

  9. I like Richard’s idea. More online content means more sponsor exposure and more traffic toward the Kelby edu empire. Since you guys are on the E coast, I don’t get today’s message until a couple of hours before the show. (GRID)  Could you put out a “call for critique submissions” a day or 2 before the show? Do I need to check Scott’s blog every day?
    I’ll prepare a gallery for critique so it will be ready NEXT time. Meanwhile saving my latte money for Vegas PSW. Never been due to airfare from Hawaii and costs and time away from “the biz”..
      Big Reggae show this weekend and I will put what I gained from Allen Hess’s new concert book to the test.  Jock

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