It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Photo Walks at The Google+ Photographer’s Conference
The Google+ Photographer’s Conference is next month in San Francisco, and while the main sessions will be broadcast live, you can only be part of the Photo Walks if you’re there in person! Scott Kelby will be leading one at Golden Gate Park, plus lots of others around San Francisco will be led by Trey Ratcliff, Catherine Hall, RC Concepcion, Lindsay Adler, and more! Get all the info and register at

The Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers
Since Lightroom first launched, Scott Kelby's The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers has been the world's #1 best-selling Lightroom book. His latest version for Lightroom 4 is being printed as we speak and it’s available for pre-order now here. Scott uses his same step-by-step, plain-English style and layout to make learning Lightroom easy and fun in this edition. He doesn’t just show you which sliders do what and what the new features are â” instead he will teach you how to create your own photography workflow using Lightroom. In the spirit of Free Stuff Thursday, you can grab a chapter from the book here.

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! in London
We’re just nine days away from the last ever Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! seminar with Scott Kelby! We’re heading to Islington, London, UK on April 28 for a day of awesomeness that you won’t want to miss. Sign up here, or leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket!

Lightroom 4 Live
Matt Kloskowski is hitting the road with the Lightroom 4 Live seminar tour. Head over to for dates and registration, or leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to one of these seminars! Make sure you specify which city.

How about $2,500 and a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet for free?
If you can create a kick butt political t-shirt design you could walk away with those prizes and more! NAPP and have teamed up to offer you the chance to put your Photoshop skills to the test and win amazing prizes in a Political T-shirt Design Contest.The 2012 political race is heating up, so now is the perfect time to show off your best and most exciting political design ideas. The grand prize winner will be walking away with $2,500, a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet, a one year membership to NAPP and a one year subscription to Kelby Training! In today's world, designers must be not only talented, but also savvy when it comes to using their skills. Take your creativity and expertise off the screen and paper and apply it to a real world product! The contest is open to anyone, but hurry, because Sunday, April 22nd is the deadline. For complete details, visit the contest page.

Fay Sirkis – Wild About Animals DVD
OK - so you know those amazingly cool photographs you take? Did you know that in Photoshop, you can turn them into hand painted works of art! Yep, that’s right and our very own Fay Sirkis will show you how in this 2 Disc DVD set called, Wild About Animals - A Photo Painting Safari.

Just leave a comment and as always, we’ll randomly draw for 3 winners before next week’s Free Stuff Thursday post.

Think Tank Products Now Available at B&H!
That’s right, the full line of Think Tank Photo products is now available at B&H Photo Video! Two of our favorite companies together at last. Head on over to B&H to shop for camera bags, laptop bags, card holders, and everything else from Think Tank Photo!

Rick Sammon’s Big Cats App
Rick Sammon’s 7th app is Rick’s Big Cats: For big (and small) cat lovers. For just $.99, you get 20 photos to use as iPad and iPhone wallpapers! Head on over to for all the details.
Environmental Light and Automotive Photography, the latest class from the ever-popular Tim Wallace is now available at! If you’ve ever wanted to get into automotive photography but weren’t sure where to start, this is the perfect class for you. Tim shows you how to get the most out of one camera, one lens, and available light to make some killer car photos!

Last Week’s Winners
Here are the winners of last week’s giveaways:

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! in London
Jim Diedrich and CJ Evans

Lightroom 4 Live Seminar
Marc Myton, Jennifer, and Glenn Nieciag

David Ziser’s Live Wedding Shoot DVD

Photoshop Quiz Game
Don, Randy, and RFrazier

Congratulations, and we’ll be in touch soon!

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Cool, I was wondering when Think Tank was coming to B&H, I have replaced 3 of my bags with them, they are CAKB! Any idea if there will be a class on Matt’s PS Compositing? I would love to see that! Thanks Drad, your great no matter what Scott says on Giggle+ :)

  2. Having just completed photographing a pair of Australian Black Swans lay, hatch and raise three cygnets I would be interested to explore how Fay’s DVDs could help me enhance my images.

  3. Wooo Hooo! I won, so excited, though I will be gutted if there is another CJ Evans! Looks like my brother can make his own way back to the airport – I’ve got a class to go to!

  4. Sure hope Matt takes his LR4 tour to Boston.  Until then, I could  get by with the LR4 book if I won a copy.  Hmmm – not usually that lucky though.  Sigh …..

  5. Wild About Animals- A Photo Painting Safari would be a wonderful addition to all the tutorials I have engaged in here!  I would love to win them!

  6. London!!!  That would be so fun and educational!!  But the LR4 in LA or the DVD/books would be great too!  Or another year of NAPP…always good to learn more!!!

  7. (1) Link in the “Lightroom 4 for digital photographers” doesn’t seem to work.  I get a blank page.  Here’ the URL from the link:

    (2) Please sign me up for something free and something that goes whee.


  8. Ah hah!  Found the error; html is pointing at a blank target.  Check out this code in your page: 
    href=”” target=”_blank”>here

    1. Actually it appears to be an Internet Explorer vs Chrome browser issue.  But I get the feeling that no one but me actually clicked the link so I will just keep monologuing here to see if anyone ever notices this scintillating thread happening all the way down here.

  9. Count me in for the LR4 book! I’ve bought the LR3 book in the past and read it about 3 times! Great workflow! Can’t wait to put my hands on the new one!

  10. I use the LR3 book constantly as a reference source and will do the same with the LR4 book when released.  Love your live seminars, great info and well presented, I always walk away from them with new ideas and having vendors there also is a nice way to interface with them too.  I’m happy to buy a tix but, if it’s a free fix for LA…that’s even better.  

  11. How does one sign up for this free stuff?? Anyway I would love Lightroom 4 DVD, book… :) 
    Thanks for this great info and your books! 
    I keep the Digital collection by my bed :) 

  12. Winning the free ticket to Matt’s Lightroom 4 Tour would be great.  Maybe by then I could learn how to properly and fluently pronounce “Kloskowski”.

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