Summer shooting

Hi all! Dave Williams here again for another #TravelTuesday on Scott’s blog, and today, I’ll push myself to inspire you a little with summer right around the corner. As we approach the summer, here are some awesome ideas for things to photograph: –

It goes without saying that at the top of my list is sunrises. After all, it is my absolute favourite time to shoot. Sunrise totally beats sunset, as I’ve said countless times before. That said, sunset is also a great time to shoot. With the restrictions imposed owing to COVID being gradually lifted around the world, we can now begin to carefully and responsibly travel again, so shooting a sunrise or sunset with a gorgeous summer tone is now back on the table. Making the most of golden hour in the summer months can result in us getting some excellent images for our portfolio, or even just for practice. In the summer months, the glare of the daytime sun can be overwhelming and our images will feature a lot more contrast than in winter or in the shoulder seasons, so on some days the start and end of the day can be the only time to shoot a decent photo.

Still with COVID in mind, we can step things up a gear by introducing a model to the scene. Taking steps to keep everyone safe and compliant with local regulations, adding a model, and shooting a portrait at golden hour can add an element of humanity to our images. Perhaps this may even be the first time many of us have photographed a person in over a year, so it would be well worth doing. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if we use a TFP model, it may well be their first shoot in just as long. Any additions to experience or portfolios are always worth the effort for all concerned.

After such a long time with the world restricted by so many rules and regulations, particularly restricting us with regard to travel photography and meeting people, it looks as though this summer may be the time for us to start resuming to a state of normality. 

I, for one, will be heading out as often as I can to get back in gear, and with regard to the easing of international travel to and from my base here in the UK, I’ve made plans to get some trips under my belt to rack up my mileage. 

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