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Hey everyone, RC here. Aside from all of the cool projects we have going on in the world of Photoshop and Photography, we also keep an ear out there on the world of technology. I figured i’d keep things light today and just share with you a couple of things that were awesome (and funny) in the world of tech this week.

Kevin Bacon On Kevin Bacon on Google TV

Google’s off to take the TV world by storm, and despite a few setbacks with channel providers, theyre still making a full court press to win the hearts and minds of the TV faithful. Theyre newest attempt? Kevin Bacon. I’d love to add more color commentary to this, but it’s just priceless on it’s own.

Adobe Releases Flash 10.2 Beta
If you’re into watching video on your computers, this is something that should definitely interest you. Flash 10.2 beta is now taking all of the processing of video and making it less and less computer processor intensive by enabling more hardware acceleration. The results are just awesome.

Click here to go to the Adobe Labs Website and see a video of 1080p on a Macbook air. With no Hiccups.

“No Color Management” Print Utility for Photoshop
Recently, John Nack of Adobe has announced that Adobe has created a utility to give back a feature that was removed in the newest versions of Photoshop – the ability to print with no color management.

According to John Nack:
“…There are, however, people who need to print without color management. They print color targets which are then used to generate printer profiles for new printer/paper/ink combinations. These users range from printer manufactures to third-party ink suppliers to power users like Andrew Rodney who supply their own high quality profiles.”

For more information this, make sure you click on this link to go to his blog.

A little light nerdiness never hurt anyone. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

  1. Nice post, RC. The Kevin Bacon commercial is priceless. I watched it a couple of times, just to see all the Kevin Bacon items in the background. Very well done.

    Any word on when PSU TV will be back? It’s been 5 weeks (but who’s counting?)! :D


  2. Lightroom 3.2 Question:
    Tethered shooting – When will Lightroom be updated to include Windows support for the Nikon D200? I see it is supported for the Mac but not yet for Windows? Please, please add an interface for the D200 and Windows. Seems if the D200 is supported at all it should be supported on all platforms?


  3. RC..Kevin Bacon spot is the best of the year!! Question, as I watch Packer football, how do those sideline photogs keep their cameras from freezing in cold weather?? You can’t exactly tuck a 400mm lens with camera inside your coat!! I know Scott shoots a lot of games..hope he or some of you following can answer this.

  4. From the Adobe site: Native custom mouse cursors. Really? That annoying gimmick from 10 years ago that used to try to take over a user’s cursor and would hang up and skip, or have 2 cursors on screen chasing each other, that’s a ‘feature’? Wow, Adobe, you guys are really working hard to break that ‘old technology’ rep, huh?

    Please do not let this into the developer world. The same people who create those friggin’ rollover and pop up ads, embed music on their pages and other annoyances will have yet one more creative way to annoy us. There are a number of sites (corporate, personal and even a lot of pro photographers) that I refuse to go back to because some idiot thought that hijacking MY time/machine/experience would be cool and somehow I’d be dazzled by the range of their coding expertise.

    As for the folks who want to take jabs about why there’s no Flash on their iPad/iPhone then they’ve apparently never used a Mac (of course my office MS machine fan kicks in quite a bit as well with Flash). I don’t want 20 minute battery life and fried innards from my iPhone. I block Flash on my Mac because I was sick of seeing my processor usage jump from 7-8% to 90% when there was Flash video playing. I was sick of my MBP’s fan running wide open to dissipate heat to prevent my lap from blistering. I’m thoroughly enjoying significantly longer battery life, no annoying video adverts and almost no floaty ads. Apple is smart because they know that Flash would cause all sorts of problems that they’d get blamed for.

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