The “Best of 2012” Here on the Blog (Part 1)

I thought I'd kick off the new year with a quick look back at the most popular, and most commented-on posts of 2012 here on my blog, and some of the fun stuff we shared during the past year.

By the way: If you’re wondering how many posts we put up in the course of a year, in 2012 it was 355 posts! (Whew). Also, in case you were wondering: I actually do write all my own posts with the exception of “Guest Blog Wednesday” and “Free Stuff Thursday” which are handled for me by my photo assistant Brad Moore, to which I am boundlessly grateful for and for which I will be forever in his debt. Wrangling those two is a lot more work than it looks by a long shot (many thanks Braddo). :)

The Top 10 Most Commented-on Posts of 2012
Here are the posts that garnered the most comments from readers during the year, in order: (NOTE: I didn’t include any of my “Free Stuff Thursday” giveaways in these tallies or Guest Blog comments which have their own separate catagory).

1. I'm Done with Drobo (548 comments) link

2. Why I think Lightroom 4 is going to sell like crazy (185 comments) link

3. This Story About Photography is About Much More Than Photography (173 comments) link

4. Something's missing from my new MacBook Pro (170 comments) link

5. The Nikon D800 vs the D600: Which One is the Right One For You? (146 comments) link

6. Lightroom 4 and leaving the past behind (138 comments) link

7. My Creative Cloud Quick Q&A (129 comments) link

8. Drobo CEO Tom Buiocchi Responds (126 comments) link

9. My Location Scouting trip to Ireland (105 comments) link

10. My first NFL Shoot with the Nikon D600 (100 comments) link


Guest Bloggers
I'm indebted to all the Guest Bloggers who shared their images, ideas and inspiration with my readers each Wednesday. Here are the top commented posts from 2012:

1. Peter Hurley (163 comments) link

2. Regina Pagles (109 comments) link

3. Cliff Mautner (93 comments) link

4. Tamara Lackey (65 comments) link

5. Glyn Dewis (73 comments) link

6. Dave Clayton (59 comments) link

7. Adam Elmakias (56 comments) link

8. RC Concepcion (effects of printing and hanging) (48 comments) link

9. Patrick LaMontagne (46 comments) link

10. Bill Frakes (41 comments) link


My Photo Shoots
When I do a shoot, I usually post the images here within a day or so (or the spread from the photo book I made if it was a travel shoot), and here are the shoots that garnered the most comments from 2012 (in order of popularity):

1. My Location Scouting trip to Ireland (105 comments) link

2. My First NFL Shoot With The Nikon D600 and some other new gear (92 comments) link

3. I shot my First NHL Hockey Game Last Night (97 comments) link

4. I'm back from 2-1/2 Days in Havana, Cuba (87 comments) link

5. Some pages from my Paris Photo Book (80 comments) link

6. My four days in India (79 comments) link

7. My first three-light car shoot (with lots of help from Tim Wallace's online class) (73 comments) link

8. Back From a Week in Paris (and a new photo series emerges) (71 comments) link

9. My Favorite Football Shots of the 2011 Season (71 comments) link

10. My First â˜Real' Shoot with the Nikon D4: The Tavistock Pro Golf Tournament (65 comments)  link

That’s it for Part One
I’ll be back on Monday with Part Two, where we’ll look at some of the milestones from an entire year here on the blog and I hope you’ll join me back here then. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a fantastic “1st weekend of the New Year” and I hope it’s the beginning of a string of wonderful weekends to come!

  1. Wow – absolutely honoured to be in that Top 10 of guest bloggers and right next to my old mucker Glyn !!
    It was enjoyable writing it but also great validation for me to be asked and then have so many great comments. Thank you Scott and everyone who has shown interest in the NAPPMEMBER UK gig – it is all greatly appreciated :) A great start / end to 2013/2012 !! Thank you !!!

  2. Having just finished my first full year in photography and just recently discovering you, I just want to say thank you for everything you offer to the photography community! Here’s to another great year!

  3. Scott: Great Job covering photography between the “Grid”,NAPP, and Kelby Training. Would love it if you could use your influence with Adobe to obtain a tech support number for NAPP members. Hold times of 30 minutes or longer are not tolerable and you never reach anyone . Seems like new versions of both LR and CS have problems that need fixing and it is very frustrating. No one else to really talk to about this. Consider your problem with the Drobo.


  4. Hey Scott,
    I hope you are having a great day. I don’t know how you do it. I’m busy like crazy and have changed the subtitle of my blog from daily blog to blog because it’s once a month if I’m darn lucky. I’m pulled in every direction possible, but I’m sure you are too yet you still find time to do this. Do you ever sleep?
    One thing I noticed on the first list was that Lightroom was listed twice. I did, indeed, get my ticket to see Matt on the 25th in OKC. I can’t wait for him to “SELL” me on the product. I sent a request of him to the Kelby Training site yesterday. I hope he can fill it for me, but if not I fully understand.
    You guys are the best, and I really appreciate all Kelby Media Group does for me so that I can share it with my students.

  5. Scott: I truly love the rich colored pics that MS Windows has for wallpaper. Could we maybe get a blog post in the future on how to achieve this? (not sure if it’s PS, HDR, a combination or what). Thanks.

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