“The Grid” Premieres Today: Live at 12:30 pm EST

Today’s the big day as the Grid goes live at 12:30 pm EST!!!! PLUS, we have a VERY special in-studio guest for the entire show—the one and only Jeremy Cowart.

We’ve got some great topics for the first show, and we’ll be taking your comments via twitter (@thegridlive), and you can catch the show live as it airs today, or afterward in our free rebroadcast (so you can watch it whenever you want) at KelbyTV.com/thegrid

I would be very grateful for anything you can do to help us spread the word about our new show’s premiere today (via Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, etc.). We’re really excited about the premiere, and I hope to see there today at 12:30 pm EST.

See you on The Grid!


P.S. Here’s the link again, ya know, just in case. ;-)

      1. Scott:

        If you have take a Ken Toney question as the FIRST one on The Grid, it will be similar to having all the planets in alignment!


        Remember not to send a question at 11:57 AM today…wait until the show starts! :D


  1. Dear Scott, Hi …

    Low speed Internet for Live watching, Block Adobe flash player by Government, That

    made us to use VPN and it makes your Internet in low speed.

    and So many reasons that I can not tell, It won’t let me watch it live correctly . I SHOULD WATCH IT LATER :( ….

    GOOD LUCK MAN :) …..

  2. I know you can’t convert the time for all us in different time zones – but why not make a count down clock on the kelbytv page then everybody can see how long time there is before you go live.

  3. Woohoo! Today’s the day! Hope the servers don’t crash from all the traffic. ;)

    I’ll probably follow the comments via Twitter (@JSwarce) and the live feed, but I’m a newbie with Twitter, so I may not comment via that method.

    So cool to have Jeremy Cowart as the first guest!


      1. UR welcome. Turns out I was able to catch the show. Yeah, “videographers” stick w/ video.

  4. Your count down timer is off by three hours on the west coast. Your show starts in 45 minutes here, adjusted for the three hour time difference, but your count down timer is showing 3 hours and 45 minutes.

  5. The count down clock is lame as it uses the 12:30 Eastern time but uses the computer clock as its actual. So The Grid starts in 40 minutes, but is showing 3 hours and 40 minutes for us on the left coast.

  6. Enjoyed today’s episode! It was good to hear you talk about Twitter, Facebook and the in between. Funny how people use it so many different ways! I have to agree that the iPad rocks :) Was excited to win the giveaway today. Thanks so much. Look forward to future episodes!

  7. Really good show guys! On your topic of HDDSLR Video, I think that you might be missing the point and broader picture of where this might be useful and used.

    I think that where you will see it being used most is on the outlying ends of the DSLR bell curve. The first slice is High End shooters; People like Vincent LaForet, Chase Jarvis, etc. I can also see it with Photojournalists and Nature/Science Photography where the reduction in amount and size of equipment and cost are a boon. I could see where a PJ in the Middle East might switch over to Video on the fly when events flash up.

    I also think you see a lot more of it when you are looking at less mainstream media outlets. Where someone wants to have A List production value without the prohibitive cost. Places like Extreme Sports or B and C List bands and Rappers who need the “image” quality without cost.

    Then I think you have the other end of the spectrum which are the people, like Jeremy said, who want video of there family without having to carry or own multiple cameras. I agree with you that something like a G10/11/12 is more than up for the challenge and are probably better suited for the amateur, however if you are only going to or can only have one camera and you are serious about still photography with the occasional video, then you are probably going to go with DSLR with video.

    1. Alessandro:

      I have to say, I agree with all of those points 110%.

      Here’s the problem – all of those examples are really a small percentage of the overall HDDSLR cameras that are out there. Think about all of the Canon’s and Nikons that are out there.

      Now.. out of all of those.. how many of those do you think are in the hands of:

      1. People who are making videos for Rappers, that want high end movie production quality, but on a budget.

      2. Off-Mainstream news reporters that are covering something that needs an automatic switch to video for coverage.

      3. High end shooters out there making multimedia presentations and packages.

      Would you say its 40%? 30%? 10%? I don’t think Scott, Matt, or Jeremy were missing the broader picture at all..

      The -broader- audience doesn’t do either of those three things, and those that do fall into a very small percentage. This is a boon to those people.. but confusing to the general mass..

      .. and part of what I thought their point was.


      1. RC:

        I was thinking more about it and what I came up with is that even though they are both visual media, shooting video is a completely different animal to shooting still photograph, and that skill, talent, whatever you would like to call it doesn’t always translate. Some people can live in both worlds well, but that doesn’t describe everyone or even most people.

        I personally never really liked or never had a desire to shoot video. What ever limited skill and talent I have doesn’t translate over to when I add the dimension of time, camera movement and sound to the equation. I think that I have made a few compelling photos but I just don’t think I can or maybe don’t have the confidence to make a video compelling. I suspect that it is similar for other people and is why there are so many people out there who just don’t use the feature.

        I also think that there is a mindset to photography and when you are out shooting stills, that is your frame of reference and I don’t think it necessarily occurs to someone in the moment thinking about the decisive moment to switch over to capturing the extended moment for its duration. When you are shooting video I think there is even less of an awareness that “Hey, that would make a great still.”

        None of this means that HD Video on SLRs shouldn’t be available and that equipment can’t or shouldn’t be multipurpose; the same way that most people will never ever use the Mirror Lock-up function, it is still a really nice function to have for that very small percentage of photographers who are serious about Macro photography and care enough to mitigate minute vibrations from mirror flip to actually engage the feature. I would only argue for removing HD Video it if it was adding significant amounts to the production cost of the camera or was detrimental to image quality or performance, but other than that, if the Camera makers want to add the functionality and support it, then it allows that small percentage of users to more fully reach their creative potential, and so be it.

        PS: Living in Brooklyn, near an Arts College, I probably am exposed to a lot more self promotion and acts on a budget who are taking advantage of this technology than most, which is why it came to mind. I also look at some of the behind the scenes work that people like Vincent LaForet is doing and other than the fact that there happens to be a 5DM2 or 1DM4 body and L glass there, it is nothing like what you would see the average person out for the day with camera in hand would have. So it isn’t really practical to assume that you will get great production value, just because the tool, namely the camera body and lenses have that potential.

  8. CAKB show, Scott and Matt! Love the set, the format and the special guest! Topics were informative and very interesting. Look forward to seeing more of the Grid in the upcoming weeks!


  9. Thanks for another great resource. Viewing from Seattle so I am waiting for the re-watch link to go live. I am NOT a morning person and am eternally grateful for podcasts and archive versions.

    This will be great classroom resource for my digital photography college students.

    Go celebrate, gang! Making the world better one image at a time…

    Anne Wallace

  10. I’m assuming that you meant todays date in stead of July 3rd. :) Congrats on the new show, even though I haven’t seen it yet. I have no doubts that it will live up to the high standards of past shows. See you at PSW, and thanks for the free pass.(Dtown contest winner)


  11. Just logged on, (noonish here in Hawaii) forgot to at 7:30 this AM. Monday, ya know. Yeah, the clock fooled me as it JUST hit 2:16 sec to lift off,,,,,,5 hours after the fact !!!. Any idea when it can replay? I watch all the shows, PSTV, Dtown, Larry, Moose, Scott, Matt blogs etc,. BTW the recent Dtown was informative. see ya in cyberspace, jock

  12. I have a Canon 7D that’s capable of shooting HD Video. I’ve had it over a year and so far I’ve only used the video feature once for a short clip, just to see how it works.

    I don’t have much desire to learn video editing, and can barely keep up with managing the large volume of digital photos. I’m already spending too much time at the computer. Video will just take too much time.

    To do it well, you need to invest much more money in equipment and time. Perhaps someday when I retire, I’ll have the time to fiddle with it.

    For now, I’m very happy sticking with photography.

    Excellent job with the show, and it was good to hear all those statistics. That I’m not alone in feeling this way.


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