The Happiest Guy In the World (Well, Besides Me)

Here’s an iPhone pic of my buddy Corey Barker, who is currently vying for the title of “happiest guy in the world” because he got his first copy, of his first book, “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers.”

Corey had been such a big help to me when I did my own“Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks” book a couple of years back, that I talked him into doing his own version of the book, and as much as I hate to admit it, his came out even better than mine. I think Corey is, hands down, one of the most gifted Photoshop artists/trainers out there, and he teaches stuff in this new book that you just don’t see anywhere else. I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff, but man does he ever!

I’ll run a video clip he did about the book next week, but I wanted to share this photo of him, posing in front of his office, because is just on Cloud 9 over this (as well he should be). The book will be hitting stores early next week, so in the spirit of Black Friday, you can preorder it right here from Barnes & Noble or Congrats Corey, and job well done!!!


  1. Many congrats to Corey on his achievement.

    Scott, is the video clip you’re referring to a promo clip for the book? Something along the line of RC’s “Get Your Photography on the web” & Matt’s “Photoshop Compositing Secrets’ promo videos? If so I’m looking forward to seeing what the production guys have come up with this time around.

    You do realise though that the bar has now been set high for these book promo videos and that you’re going to have to start upping the SFX / CGI stakes in your book promo video, in order to avoid falling behind ;-)

  2. Congratulations Corey. I noticed the book on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I’m still curious to learn more about the content (can’t wait for that video). I’ll most likely end up buying it :) Thank you Scott for running such a great company!

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