The KelbyOne 20 Days of Christmas: CamRanger Remote

For the next 20 days leading up to Christmas Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion of KelbyOne share with you the gear that every photographer would want to see on under their tree this year.

This episode is dedicated to the Camranger – a great wireless control unit to control your camera with your mobile device. It also offers a great way to extend the functionality of your DSLR!

For more information on the CamRanger, go to

For the photographer on your holiday list, make sure you check out our great deals at KelbyOne:

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  1. I saw your video on the CamRanger the day after I had ordered this for myself. It came yesterday and I tested it a little before I hooked it up to the charger. I must say I am very impressed with it the performance of it. The transfer speed is amazing, as is how quickly it initiates. My first test also impressed me in the one way I was hoping it would, once the app and my camera were synced they stayed synced. Now I only shot for about 10 minutes but my Eye-Fi card would have lost it’s Wi-Fi connection at least twice in that same time, on my iPad. I’ve more testing to do but so far I am very impressed with the CamRanger!

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