The Macintosh Community Loses One of Its Pioneers; Stan Flack

I have such sad news to report; our longtime buddy Stan Flack, of MacCental and MacMinute fame, has passed away, at the age of 43, due to a pre-existing condition.

Stan became one of the pioneers of online Mac journalism when he launched, which grew to become the leading Mac news site in the world, and it was such a success that it was eventually acquired by MacWorld magazine. Years later, Stan launched the popular, and was a great friend not only to the Mac community, but to us Photoshop Guys as well, with his coverage of design and photography related news.

It was Stan who, many years ago, introduced me to a man who would become my best buddy; Dave Moser, (who is Chief Operating Officer of my company, Kelby Media Group), and I will always be grateful to Stan for bringing us together.

Some of Stan’s friends have written some really wonderful tributes to him, and if you would, take a moment to read a little about a man who dedicated his career to keeping us informed, for telling “the other side of the story,” and whose passion, courage, and commitment made him a true legend in the Macintosh community. He will be missed.

Read Jim Dalrymple’s comments at
Ted Landau’s comments at the MacObserver
And a touching story over at Tikabik.

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