The new issue of “Light it” magazine (our how-to magazine for hot shoe flash and studio lighting) is now available!

It’s our biggest issue yet, with lots of awesome lighting tutorials; everything from lighting for weddings; tips for shooting with a beauty dish; lighting home interiors; a very cool location shoot that turns an every day scene into a mystical forest; my Lighting Recipes column, the latest gear news and more.

It’s available now for the iPad on the App store for just $2.99. (By the way: if you download the app (free) you get our launch issue for free as well).

What! Still no Android version?
OK, I got with my team about all this and here’s where it stands. The company that developed our App originally made just a regular ol’ IOS app, but when Apple introduced the Newsstand Concept, so we had to retool the entire magazine for Newsstand. So, we’re now we’re not just converting our ISO app into an Android version; they’re having to reverse-engineer out the Newsstand stuff to get it to work on Android, and so far it’s too buggy to release. So, that’s where it stands right now. When it’s working, we’ll release it on Android, but that will be the only other platform we’re looking at developing for (no desktop versions, no PDF versions, no Web-based versions, etc.).

So, if you have an iPad or iPad mini, go check it out today at the App store (in fact, here’s the link just in case).

  1. Thanks for the update on the Android version, Scott. Nobody wants a buggy version of this. Have a great weekend! Are you shooting a football game on Sunday?


  2. Love this app….read it cover to cover…but I have to say…this issue sure had several bad photos in people’s write up…..
    Can’t wait for the next one…;)

  3. I have the same problem iPad v1 paid for subscription doesn’t allow me to
    Download the issue says I
    Have to
    Pay 2.99 and even when
    I try it doesn’t download :-/

      1. I’m sure they will come up with solution. I’m pretty patient hehe but with Doorhof and others sharing their knowledge, I really wanted to take a look into the issues.

  4. dosen’t work at my ipad either :-( downloaded the app – which flew in to bookshelter.. After accepting the price it comes up with an error… what to do? And if I keep trying have I then bought 10 issues without recieving one of them?

  5. Hi Scott,
    Just a thought – wouldn’t it be easier to publish it on something like Zinio ? You can buy Zinio books and magazines from both Android and iOS devices. Just a noob question. :)

  6. Has anyone addressed the problem with all of the downloads disappearing and needing to be redownloaded. Nearly every time I’m half way through an issue, it says “loading image”, goes blank, and all of my issues are gone!!! Who do I contact about fixing this?? Ive seen it reported for some time by other people. Is there something I need to do to resolve this??

  7. Another day and all issues gone again. I mean i justvreloaded them again andcwhile I’m right in the middle of readingn, it goes away along with alll the others! This is really quite frustrating! Please help!

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