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Brad here, just wanting to share this video about the team from LensProToGo with you. I was going to stick it in the Pimpy Thursday post with everything else, but then I watched it. That’s when I decided it needed its own post, because, well… Just take three minutes and watch it, and you’ll see why.

If you’ve rented from LensProToGo before, you’ll love seeing the heart of the team behind the company. And if you haven’t, I would just about bet you’ll be looking for a reason to try them out after you watch this video :)

And make sure you check out their blog – – for tips on photography, choosing lenses, interviews with photographers, cool videos, and all sorts of other great stuff!

  1. Saw this on Twitter today when they posted it. Great video! I haven’t rented from them yet, but I will be in August when I go to San Francisco! Thanks, Brad!


  2. I LOVE these guys – they have always been so helpful, they have always been on time, the equipment has been in great shape. I get to try lenses and it helps me decide that next lens purchase – what is practical and what isn’t. I am glad to see they are adding new stuff all the time. These are my go-to guys even though they are across the country.

    Thanks LensPro!

  3. I recently became a first time customer, and when I called, the person who helped me was the guy in the blue shirt in the video. He was very helpful with getting me on board with what I wanted and how the service works. It was a very personalized experience and I’ll definitely be renting from them again. Cheers guys-

  4. I just wish us photographers in the UK could have such a great company operating on these shores, what with all the positive feedback I read on twitter about these guys. Kudos to them for providing such a great service – it’s not a suprise to see that when you do that, it helps to make your business successful.

  5. Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with With a very important trip coming up, I placed my order on their website on Tues. night for two day shipping to get the lenses before my departure on Saturday. But, the website did not state that Paul (the owner) from lensprotogo would need to speak to me on the phone to verify that I was a real customer. Since I was at work all day Wednesday, and not able to retrieve Paul’s voicemails, I wasn’t able to return his call until Wed. evening. He then chastised me for not returning his calls sooner and wanted to charge me extra for express shipping. When I pointed out that the website does not state the need for a phone call, he responded with, “life is tough.”

    I hope everyone else has a better experience than I did.

  6. I absolutely love Paul, Tony and everyone at Lens Pro to Go. They offer fantastic customer service over the phone or in person, and the gear is amazing. When I lived in the Boston area, I loved going in to pick up my gear and see all of them in person. They are welcoming, wonderful people. And they have been a huge support to the photography community in Boston – providing their space for countless workshops and PUG gatherings. I really miss that now that I live in Texas.

  7. These guys do a great job…I’m fortunate that I’m a short drive away and have been able to visit their shop. Don’t recommend it because once you see all those lenses, you’ll be drooling :-) Just kidding, as the video says, they’re very welcoming, I stopped by once just to get a feel for a lens on my body before I bought it.

    They also have studio setups in their building, and a couple of times a year they sponsor a ‘tag sale’. Finally, if you’re looking for used equipment, check their website frequently and/or get on their mailing list; they always have stuff for sale at decent prices.

  8. I’ve used a couple of times – always satisfied with great service, selection and a nice NAPP discount. Never had any problem recommending them at all – until I saw that video.

    I’m sorry, but how can I recommend someone who puts BBQ sauce on raw chicken to go on the grill? That just ain’t right! We need to have a serious conversation about the proper way to get flavor out of some grilled chicken before I order my next lens.

  9. I find it completely weird that noone (including you BRAD!) was stoked about this video because it was done by the best story tellers in the business, Stillmotion ( . You want to get excited about skills and gear, the HDSLR videographers from stillmotion are the cream of the crop. When you’re ready to waste an entire afternoon, check out their vimeo stream. Put them on The Grid and let’s have some fun.

  10. I just received the Nikon 14-24mm today from LensProToGo for my vacation and bringing along my Nikon N80 with various B&W film as well. I actually found the lens to rent cheaper elsewhere UNTIL I found out that shipping on their site was NOT included and LensProToGo includes shipping with their price.

  11. We’re at a point in time where consumers are placing customer service above just about everything else when they select a product or service. The company who knows that and makes it their #1 priority will always have all the customers they could want. LensProToGo is unique in this way. They are a hands-on, talk-to-a-real-person operation. It’s a breath of fresh air. We’ve only rented equipment from them one time for a very large wedding, but we quickly became friends with the LPTG employees and I can tell you we will do business with them again. Love their vid too.

  12. I called to rent a lens for a wedding and my cell phone signal went berserk. I talked to Paul at LPTG and tried to call again at his request… still had problems with the signal being weird….choppy to a point where you could hear only every other word at times. Paul was a trooper and fulfilled my order from what he could hear. Everything turned out great and all the info was correct and I got the lens and amazing photos to boot. That is going above and beyond with customer service. Lens Pro To Go Rocks and I will use there service for everything I don’t have from now on.

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