The Grid is now on Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern! That’s right, a new day, at a new time, in the same place!

This week was the Season 2 debut of our live talk show, The Grid, and Joe McNally was in the studio to talk with Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski about copyright infringement.

If you weren’t able to catch the live broadcast, you can watch the show online at Kelby TV and leave your feedback in the comments, or subscribe on iTunes (or click here for the audio-only version).

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  1. Great day and time for me! Thanks for the change….I hope other people will like it too (but I bet some will complain! ;))


  2. WHAT? It WAS on my day off, now it comes on the same time The Flounder opens! Definitely not COKB (cool or kick butt). Looks like I’ll be having a heart to heart with the big guy. Come on Scott, the only show your on now and I’ll have to watch re-runs? Please change it back! (don’t listen to John) 8-(

    • Ken:

      Tell all your patrons that you’ll be opening an hour late on Wednesdays due to “circumstances beyond your control”! I’m sure that they’ll understand and not go to the Denny’s down the street. 8)


      P.S. I KNEW that there would be complaints!

      • I’ve already told them I would be sitting in a both with headphones! I relly liked the Mon or Tues time.

      • should be booth

      • Hey John!

        No complaint from me! I’ve been watching “re-runs” since the Grid aired, now I (and others) will have a chance to be a part of the show. Yea!

        I’m very happy with the time change! :-)

        Sorry Ken, but I’m with John! :-)

  3. That’s no good news for people watching in Europe…

  4. Sweeeeet! I’ll get to watch it live, finally. With the time difference, it’ll be 10pm in Switzerland. Perfect timing for me. My kid will be in bed by then and I’ll get to have a hand on MY Ipad and watch the show. :)
    Nick the Swiss

  5. Well luckily Wednesdays are currently my day off because normally I’m at work at 4 p.m. so please don’t change the day. I love to watch live. It’s not the same when you have to watch the taped version the next day.

  6. Awesome news. It means I can at least catch it live here in Australia with out loosing sleep.

  7. Just discovering the show The Grid and loving it! Great way to kick the season off with Joe McNally!! You must have some awesome assistance for all the work you put out, I need a few of those! :)

  8. i’m really disappointed at the new time slot.

    i know i’m not the only person who could swing it over lunch, but won’t be able to watch live in the middle of the afternoon. i’ll probably watch some of the reruns, but it’s not nearly as fun as watching and tweeting back and forth live.

  9. It’s Wednesday at 4PM. Where’s the Grid??

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