The People Have Spoken…Here She Is….More “Maggie The Wonderdog!”

This sounds more democratic than it really is — because I did, in fact wake up late (read as: just now) so I’m no farther along in my editing process than I was last night at 1:46 am, so I bring you up close and personal with a giant ball of fluffing fluff, known locally as “Maggie The Wonderdog!”

Also, a thanks to my commenter Bibz who totally got my “She’s so fluffy I could die!” reference from my previous post and posted a link to a YouTube video clip with an explanation (it’s a reference to the very clever animated movie “Despicable Me!”).

Here’s another view of the two “Fluffy Scenes” from the movie (via YouTube) — just watch the first 7-seconds and you’ll see what I mean. :)

Lastly, let’s close with yet another “Maggie Moment.”

(Above: I would do anything to get a hold of a pair of socks to chew, but in lieu of that, I would gladly jump up on your desk and chew your Wacom stylus pen until it is unrecognizable as a pen). 


  1. Ha! That’s funny, because my dog actually DID eat my Wacom stylus once. Stole it right off my desk. The little criminal. Couldn’t punish him because he just lay on “but daddy I’m cute!” Face. Oh well…

  2. Hah! When I’m really tired I have conversations with my cat. I’ll say, “Well hello Daisy, how are you?” Unfortunately all my cat hears is, “skjhdiurhiauenrxvi…” but at that point I don’t care and usually continue the conversation assuming the cat is agreeing with everything I say.

  3. Great picture, Scott. I bet she wears a Bucs sweater on those chilly Florida morning walks. On a side note, how do dogs like her see when hair is in front of their eyes? Can you touch that up in Photoshop? Hmmmm, maybe a new book is in the offing. “Professional Dog Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers”

  4. You know, Wacom should make an “I have a pet” kit so that instead of buying a new pen, we can order the rubber barrel and the switch. I have had to buy numerous replacement pens due to ferret consumption…(yes, I did buy the replacement kit, but it doesn’t come with a rubber grip for the switch..alas) or maybe just be able to buy the pens in bulk…

  5. Dear Scott,

    thanks for sharing these beautiful picture of an equally beautiful animal! Sorry for the off-topic, but I would like to ask you: I have bought all the 4 books of your amazing digital photography books and have thoroughly enjoyed ther for their clarity and concision, you’re really a great teacher.

    Now to the point: I was wondering (actually hoping!) if you’ll ever come up with a whole book of those amazing “photo recipes” at the end of said books which just made me yearn for more, they were really incredibly valuable. I would actually appreciate if there would be such a book going straight to the photo recipes, especially geared to portarait and fashion photographers. I love lighting setups, especially the most elaborate ones! …If I can make an extra wish, I would love to see one recipe featuring substractive lighting outdoor & black flags which wasn’t covered in the four books! Thanks and congratulations again for being such a great teacher.

  6. YES another one of God’s beautiful creations shot and posted by a professional photographer. I get tired of hearing Yech when a photo of a loved little companion is posted on any website. We owe a lot to these fluff balls.

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