Once again, we’ve got some really cool t-shirts for walkers and leaders this year (one of the shirt designs are seen here), and once again (with the gracious help of Rob Jones of Towner Jones Photography), we’re using this to give back as 100% of the profits go directly to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya (last year we raised over $7,000 to feed and cloth the children), and this year we’re hoping, with your help, to hit $10,000 (which they could really, really use!).

There are a number of different styles (and even Hoodies and sweatshirts since its in October), so I hope you’ll pick one up and show your support for the walk, and more importantly for the Springs of Hope Orphanage. :)

Here’s a link to order yours today (The link for Walk Leaders “Leader” shirts is on your Leader Dashboard. At least, that’s where it was last year).

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  1. Dear Scott,

    I wish I could order one of them. It’s so nice as well as It will make people happy in Africa.
    I recommend it’d be nice to send money to people in Somalia who are suffering from starvation. Specially for children who are dieing everyday.

    God bless you.

  2. I checked- I don’t have a button to order my “leader” shirt on the dashboard….But would love to see one! (and the updated “Press” materials too…)

  3. UK Leaders might want to contact walkers and organise ordering in batches to save on overseas shipping & ensure all arrive together on time. http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/help/index.aspx?page=shipping.aspx

  4. I just ordered my t-shirt, so excited to be part of the photo walk this year, I had to work last year.

  5. Great looking design! Too bad they are only available in white though. I’d love to see this design printed on other colors, even a light gray or light brown.

  6. Mr obama says there has been no cost of living increase for us Social Security Shooters so I cannot afford these t-shirts

  7. Cafepress didn’t let me order mine.. They say that thet don’t have an option to ship in Russia. Is there any other way to get a shirt?

  8. Really? When you say there is more colors available, you mean there is pink for women? Seriously, I would expect a bit more creativity. Meantime, I will go for white :(.

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