Ask anyone who has volunteered to lead a Photo Walk as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk and they’ll tell you it’s a lot of time and hard work. It’s also very rewarding in a lot of ways (not to mention the book they receive for leading a walk, but let me tell you—no one goes through all that trouble for just a free book). They do it because they want to do something special for the photographers in their community.

The downside of being a leader
Of course, besides the hard work, the downside is that the leaders don’t get to compete to win any prizes (they already get the local prize their walkers are competing for), and that’s why this year we thought it would be fun to add a special competition just for Photo Walk leaders.

Now, they get to submit one of their images taken during their Photo Walk, and compete against other leaders from around the world. I’ll pick a winner from all the Photo Walk leaders and they will snag a really cool prize package (we’re still putting it together, but it’ll be some really cool stuff).

I’ll have more details (and a list of prizes soon), but I wanted to let the leaders know now that there’s a special competition just for them.

Walk Mini-Update
We are off to a booming start this year, with nearly 700 walks already planned around the world, and more than 10,000 photographers walkers. If you haven’t joined a walk in your area (it’s free!), here’s the link to search for a nearby city. Ask anyone who has walked in a Photo Walk, it’s just a blast (but you’ll never know until you do one yourself).

I hope you’ll join us for this history-making photographic event! :)

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