The Real Scoop on the “You Can’t Fly With Camera Batteries Anymore” Panic

battery2.jpgThere’s been a lot of talk on the web for the past week or so about a new DOT/TSA regulation that affects air travelers who fly with extra rechargable batteries for their cameras, flashes, even laptops, and it had a lot of us up in arms. Luckily, there’s a great Web site called “Flying with” which is dedicated to issues with air travel for photographers, and they tackled the topic, and got a clarifcation of the new rules, and things are not as nearly bad as they once seemed. Here’s the link for the real scoop on the “You can’t fly with camera batteries anymore” panic that’s been sweeping the web.

Our thanks to Steven Frischling over at Flying with Fish for tracking on this down, and for creating a valuable resource for traveling photographers.

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