The “Semi-Useful Stuff from my Camera Closet” Giveaway Continues

Just a heads up: My daily giveaway of semi-useful stuff from my camera closet” is still happening daily. Yesterday I gave away a cool flexibile flash mount; today it’s actually something really useful:

It’s a Kata-103 backback camera bag that holds lots of gear, plus your laptop, plus a tripod and all sorts of accessories. It comes with a pop-out rain cover, and is actually a fantastic camera bag—one of the best I’ve ever used. Really well made. (Here’s the link to it on Kata’s site just so you can see it better—-these photo on the blog were taken with my iPhone).

To enter, just go to my Twitter page (@Scottkelby), and leave me a Tweet saying something like “I want your stuff” or “I gotta bag that!” or something naughy (like you guys did yesterday. Since it’s empty you can call it the naked Kata bag if it makes you feel better), and you’re entered. Good luck!

TWO THINGS: (1) Tomorrow’s won’t be as cool. Back to semi-useful. (2) This actually is stuff from my camera closet at home. See you then!

  1. Confused – you say “To enter, just go to my Twitter page (@Scottkelby), and leave me a Tweet”. I’m following you but how do I leave you a tweet on your twitter profile page?

  2. Kata bags rock! I have a DR-471 and love it. But the 103 is calling to me, too. You can never have enough camera bags, so I’ll send a tweet.

    Scott, did you ever use this bag, or any Kata bags for that matter? Are you exclusively Think Tank now?


      1. That’s right….I remember, Brad! But I was talking about a bag for camera equipment.


    1. Ken:

      Judging by the amount of tweets asking/looking for this bag, I’d say your chances (as well as mine) are slim to none…..

      Hey, at least you’ve got a guitar to show off! 8)


  3. I bought this bag (expensive), after Terry White suggested it on his blog, but I find it too bulky for the amount of gear it holds. My stuff doesn’t fit into it as well as my other camera backpack which is more compact yet holds more gear. It is well suited for protecting your gear though. YMMV.

  4. Hi Scott, Would LOVE the bag but couldn’t figure out how to send a Tweet. Darn! Hope you can make it up to MacGroup again one of these days! Love your blog!!!!

  5. i have this bag, for about 4-5 years i have used this bag. i stopped to talk to someone after a shoot, a kid ran behind me and knocked the bag down a flight of stairs. Not a scuff on the bag, the camera untouched. let me tell you if you value your equipment/gear this is the bag. it still feels firm and tight like the day i got it from B&H. no zipper problems after the rain hits it, no slackness or the worn look and feel of several years of use.. i keep a dry pack in it because its really insulated well. i don’t know when it will wear-out but when it does, i’ll be picking up another.

  6. really enjoyed the videocast on TWIT with leo and katherine wayched several times and w=just bought a nikon d5100 and cs5 so i got alot to learn,i will subscribe to your mag when i can afford it soon i hope,thanks hope to see u on the show again,i supoort everything leo does.

  7. Your bag R-103 looks differ than main few years old and this from official website. Is this a new version because has significant changes?

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