Special “This Weekend Only Deal” from Metal Mural!

Last September I got a deal for you guys from Metal Mural (They make these huge metal murals, made up of a grid of multiple metallic tiles, as seen above in this shot from their tradeshow booth)? Well, this latest “This Weekend Only” deal is even sweeter than their last one.Hey gang, Brad here to let you know about a killer “This Weekend Only Deal” from the fine folks over at Metal Mural.

Now through Sunday, you can order a stunning 24×36 Metal Mural (six 12″ x 12″ squares) for only $99.00 (includes free shipping)! Want something larger? Buy up to 16 vouchers (that’s 96 squares total) and combine them to make a massive mural!

This is the lowest price EVER from Metal Mural, so make sure you take advantage of this killer deal today!

  1. Umm, how is this the “lowest price ever”? In their own site that show that this has sold for $90 as a ‘WPI “show special”.

    “M006 6 Square MetalMural 24” x 36” 2×3 $150 $90.00”


    Of course it may be less than the normal MSRP, but is the “lowest price ever” marketing puffery necessary?

    1. Mike: here’s how: That deal was only for that one particular size: this deal they offered us is up to 96 tiles so there are no size/price constraints, so it is their lowest price ever on any size image.

  2. Perfect Layers is an excellent plugin. It is incredulous that Adobe missed out on the opportunity
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  3. There is possibly another deal lurking out there on a product that Scott uses. Tether Tools has said on their blog that if they get 2400 likes or fans, they will be having a one day sale for 24 percent off.

    I am waiting for this as I want to have a table like the Aero table and drive and such that both Scott and Joe use and 24 percent off would be the deal braker.

    Just letting you all know.


  4. Great offer guys and thanks!! This would be a good time for a refresher on what would be required to properly prep a photo for something like 3′ x 4′ or even larger. Is the route to go to make any edits and adjustments to the RAW image and then perhaps using onOne’s Perfect Resize, enlarge the shot to the required dimensions and finish it off with a little sharpening?

    1. According to their FAQs, “…We prefer the original file in jpg or tif format without resizing or cropping. This will allow us to adjust your image and give you recommendations if we see that it doesn’t align properly with the template.” (bolded by me)

      1. But if your original is for example 11″ x 14″, is it fair to say that THEY will enlarge? I almost prefer doing it myself before sending it in to Metal Mural. It results in a larger file but that way i see the results before hand.

        The instructional video on their website says 100 PPI is sufficient. It strikes me as bening pretty low but I have emailed for clarification.

        Thanks Michael.

      2. I’m with you, Bob; I also feel more comfortable doing the enlargement myself… I use Genuine Fractals (now called Perfect Resize) for up-rezzing my photos when they need it, and it does a super job.
        If you don’t mind, I’d really like to hear their response to your question; I’ve purchased a print voucher, but I’m not sure yet about the resizing…

      3. I didn’t ask them about the enlargement as I just did it myself with Perfect Resize. The 100 DPI however, is their minimum. The website video implies this is all you need, but we both know, more is better so I submitted at 240.

        I submitted a couple of shots, one that was taken at 1600 ISO. I have used noise reduction but I have asked them if they would review the output first and confrim the quaility would still be good.

  5. Any idea what material they use to print on? I’m wondering if the squares are magnetic, I’d love to use this as a nice looking magnetic board.

      1. I’ve ordered my mural for my house along with a mini of the same for my office. I can’t wait to see it. I’ll surely stop by the expo booth at Photoshop World to talk to y’all.

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