Perfect Layers from OnOne Software Is Here!!

Late last year, the crew from OnOne Software came to our offices to show us some new stuff they were working on (amazing stuff by the way), and at the end of our meeting they asked if there was anything we’d be hearing out on the road during our tours that they might could help with.

I told them one thing that I hear again and again during my live seminars  from Lightroom users is that they either don’t want to jump over to Photoshop or they don’t have Photoshop at all (you’d be surprised how many Lightroom users don’t have Photoshop. Well, at least I was anyway). I told them if they could somehow give Lightroom users a plug-in to give them access to Layers features, I thought a lot of people would dig it, and they agreed and went to work on a plug-in to do just that.

I got to see the plug-in, and provide feedback as it was being developed, and then back in April they released a free public beta version of Perfect Layers and now the final version, with lots of improvments, tweaks, and enhancements based on user feedback from that public beta, is now shipping at the special introductory price of $99.95 until June 30th.

I got to do a brief interview with Brian Matiash from OnOne Software, and he did a short demo as well (watch the video about to check it out).

You can find out all the details at  NOTE: NAPP members can take advantage of a $35.00 discount by checking out the Software Discounts page on the NAPP Member Site!

  1. CAKB for anyone without Photoshop! Kudos to OnOne Software for developing this product. I played around with the public beta version, liked it a lot, but decided it wasn’t for me, as I could just use Photoshop instead. Great deal if you’re a NAPP member! 8)


  2. Cool – Brian rocks !! If it wasn’t for his patience and tuition i wouldn’t be loving the HDR ;o) He, RC and Trey are my ‘go to’ guys. So glad he’s at OnOne now. Looking forward to getting PerfectLayers sometime soon ! :)

  3. Excellent plug-in. It will be a big hit. It is just as stupefying that Adobe did not pick up the bait and run with this since they are so conscientious about working via their beta programs with their customers to get ideas for their newest editions of Photoshop … just can’ t believe they let this one slip through the cracks … Oh well … Go figure.

  4. I’m sorry to have to disagree, I really wanted to like this plug-in but I just can’t at the price. I’ve no problem paying for software – i’m not one of those people who expect things for free or next to nothing, but at $99 you would be better off getting something like pixelmator or even Photoshop elements. This is just too basic for the price. I really wanted to like it but after trying it I’m very disapointed – you can’t even make basic brightness adjustments to a layer. Like I said, if it was cheaper it would be great, but at this price, why not just get Photoshop elements?

  5. @Thomas I see your point on Brightness but what I do is create a virtual copy in Lightroom and then use that to make the adjustment in Perfect Layers, plus I find this so much easier than Elements this could not have fitted my workflow better. Also if you have suggestions onOne software are very helpful and I’m sure will listen to feedback for future versions. I agree about the price point though that could be a bit cheaper but its not all that bad.

  6. Yesterday, I received Perfect Layers as a part of the OnOne Suite update. I doubt that I will use it, but the update has broken Time Machine. Time Machine now stops and generates an error whenever it encounters any part of the OnOne Photo Suite. The fix (for now) is to add the Suite components to the list of Time Machine exclusions. Hopefully, they will have a permanent fix soon.

  7. My debate is to get this or wait until the next version of Lightroom. Adobe usually takes notice of these kinds of things and rolls them into a future version. I can’t believe they aren’t thinking of this and HDR in a future LR version. Not saying this product is lacking (I didn’t use it in the beta I had as much as I thought I would). With it having to start another program, why not use my Photoshop version (Like Thomas indicated) or even Gimp (which is free).

  8. Hey, is this that program Matt has been talking about that gives you layers IN Lightroom? (We will now pause for the explosion in Tampa….)

  9. I kind of have to disagree with the awesomeness of this.
    – It’s not _in_ LR, so what’s the difference to PS or Elements? Other than do a lot less.
    – It does less and costs more than Elements
    – I read that it only works with 8bit jpgs so there is a quality loss.
    – It’s destructive

    Jeffrey Friedl’s Layers is a big step in the right direction, while still a beta. It’s nondestructive. Of course you need PS for it, but for pros and serious amateurs it seems to be a bit more promising. You can check it out here:

    If it were something along the lines of $29, it would be better in line with the features.

      1. I wish Scott K. mentioned the “for non Photoshop owners”“
        earlier. I almost bought it because Scott was endorsing it,but after researching,which took some time, I realize it is not for me. Scott, in the future,please keep that in mind.

  10. “…they asked if there was anything we’d be hearing out on the road during our tours that they might could help with…”

    Really? I thought “might could” was more a colloquialism of states like SC, NC, and TN – has that really migrated into popular vernacular? LOL! In some ways I do miss SC, and when you wrote that, I about fell out of my chair laughing – tks for the chuckle and blast from the past! :)

  11. I’m always impressed by your influence on others. You have great collaboration skills which your personality adds to it. I’m hooked at least. haha. This is a great add-on for Lightroom. One thing I wish for Lightroom is filtering, so that I can filter out the PSD files or filter so I only look at the PSDs in a particular collection or folder, etc. Just thinking about it now as I’m editing away.

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