The Story Behind “My Still Image” with Crash Taylor


Crash Taylor has launched a site and series called “The Still Image with Crash Taylor” where he features an indivual image from a photographer, then ask the photographer the story behind the photo (how it lit, which equipment was used, how it was post processed, etc.).

There are a lot of very cool images there already, and I love reading about the “back story” on them. Crash invited me to talk about the image you see above on this new site, and share the story behind the photo, and you can read it right here.

Congrats to Crash on launching this inspiring new site, and thanks Crash for the honor of  being a very small part of something very cool.

  1. Great tip! Copy and paste into my Google reader. Great shot of the footballer, Scott! I´m a bit scared of him…:-) Keep up the great work on the blog.

  2. Scott, let’s offer a NSFW tip for Crash’s site. I’m sitting at my desk getting my morning Kelby fix and then on to Crash’s site when “Whoa”, let hope those that monitor my companies web usage didn’t see that. Great site though!

  3. Pretty amazing photography, almost surreal.
    But I do like the shots that employ a real simplicity to the lighting as much as I like complicated lighting sometimes a reflector and naturally diffused light are all you need with DOP
    THanks for the link

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