Eli Driu for his winning entry from the Bucuresti, Bucuresti Romania Photo Walk.

To see the nine runner’s up, chosen by your votes, visit the official site:


My hearty congratulations to Eli, and all this year’s People’s Choice Runner’s Up. :)


P.S. I hope to have details on the Leader’s Competition later today. Sorry for the delay. 

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  1. This wasn’t the image on the RSS feed first thing this morning!!! ;-)

    Well done to Eli, nice work!

  2. Hmmmm

    OK, looks like a different image from when I last commented, but the comment is still the same – CONGRATS Eli! :)

  3. Beautifull! Congrats!! Love the light in the picture…so worm but still so cold!! Juhu for Eli! :)

  4. Different picture…. What happened?

  5. Congrats Eli … Pff… and when i think i know you personally :)
    good job.

  6. Nice job Eli, keep up the good work!

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