The Winner of the “Shoot on the Sidelines with Scott & Mike” Contest is…

Last night my buddy Mike Olivella gave me a shout with his final pick for the winner of our “Shoot on the Sidelines with Scott & Mike” contest. With over 800 entries, it was an incredibly hard choice for Mike to make, but I won’t make you wait….

….the winner is “Alex Walker,” who took the kick-butt winning shot shown below:


Mike said picking the winner was incredibly tough because there were so many great entries. Below are some of Mike’s other favorites from the contest (Mike told me, and I agree; any of these could have easily been the winner, because each one is that good, and you could make a great case for any of them being the winner, but at the end of the day, you can only pick one). I’m glad I didn’t have Mike’s job (I’m still reeling from choosing a winner for the Worldwide Photo Walk. Whew!

Here’s Mike’s other favorites, and although they didn’t win a prize, they certainly deserve some recognition.

the original catch

“The Original Catch”
By First Team Photography

3659210186_d4d378f7a4 Bringing em out with a bang

“Bringing ’em Out With a Bang”
By Steve Hiscock

Picture 4

“Look of a Winner”
By Jeff Rease

Picture 5

“Late Throw to Second”
By Aqualung

Picture 8

By PhotoDaddi

Picture 6

“Halftime Fireworks”
By Samuel Ludwig

Picture 7

“Beanie’s Back”
By Scott Stuart

2079102095_5540eb5953 skaterboy
By Barry Shaffer
3834822183_83f476074e a catcher's meltdown
“A Catcher’s Meltdown
By Johnny Gasque

3820516931_5449cd12fb the homer
“The Homer”
By David Sutphin

3791892868_90ee948da2 Little star
“Little Star”
By Paul Beetz

3786964405_e8fbe78f74 Jump the Wave!
“Jump The Wave”
By Amehdiza

2852811372_8691cc34db waterpolo2

Waterpolo 2
By Evan Cate

My sincere congratulations to Prize Winner Alan Walker; to the photographer’s who took Mike’s other favorite images from the contest (above), and to all the photographers who entered the contest in the first place. You guys rock!

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