The Worldwide Photo Walk Honorable Mentions Revealed

Rather than just In addition to posting 55 images and descriptions in the world’s longest blog post, last night Matt, RC and I did a video webcast to showcase and discuss some of the amazing images that just missed the final cut to be either finalists or the Grand Prize winner.

Best Shot Of A Kid On A Raft
Calvin Alcala (Bacolod City, Philippines)

Best Shot Of A Leaf (or whatever it is) On Bars
Marco Van Apeldoorn (Graveland, Netherlands)

Best Shot Of A Woman Wearing A Headband Looking Up Through Slats
Amado Ill Reyes (Baguio City, Philippines)

Best Abstract Looking Shot Of Person Standing On A Cool Sidewalk
Matthew Short (Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, UK)

Best Shot Of A Laughing Guy Sitting On The Ground
Arial Boral (Daraga, Bicol, Philippines)

Best Shot Of A Steering Wheel In A Classic Car In Sweden
Martina Sjoberg (Eskilstuna Sverige, Sweden)

Best Shot Of A Flower Against The Sky That Looks Like A Painting
Carol Eade (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Best Shot Of A Dog That The Photographer Risked Their Life To Take
Piotr Siemienas (Eblag, Poland)

Best Planet Of The Apes Looking Shot
Kevin Miller (Fort Washington, Maryland)

Best Shot Of A Cool Looking Thing With Great Color And A Nice Reflection
John Roushkolb (Kansas City, Missouri)

Best Shot Of Construction Workers In The Sky
Zenald Baclayon (Lungsod, Cebu, Gitnang Visaya, Philippines)

Best Shot Of An Upside Down Reflection
Skyler Burt (Muscat, Oman)

Best Shot Of A Perfectly Lit Sleeping Fox
AC Jacobs (Binghamton, New York)

Best Shot Of A Not Abstract Enough To Be Abstract Blue Building
Slawek Lekacz (Birmington, UK)

Best Shot Of A Skateboarder Jumping Onto A Wall
Cristina Ramirez (Brooklyn, New York)

Best Post Processing On A Shot Of An Arrow Sign And Power Lines
Tracy Salava (Clay Center, Kansas)

Best Shot Of A Child With Bread
Wessam Ghazy (Gazirat Ad Dahab, Giza, Egypt)

Best Symmetrical Shot Of A Bike Breaking The Rules
Ruben Dario Sanchez (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Best Shot Of Cool Looking Circular Stairs
Lorenzo Montezemolo (San Francisco, California)

Best Shot Of A Reflection From Scott’s Walk In Rome That Turned Out Better Than He Thought It Would
Marco Censoplano (Rome, Italy)

Best Shot Of Kids Playing Soccer Taken Through Two Rings
David Sury (Prague, Czech Republic)

Best Shot Of A Photographer’s Reflection With Their Hand Up In The Air
Michael Ishlove (Toronto, Canada)

Best Shot Of A Happy Guy Carrying Stuff
Tamara Hernandez (Taboga, Panama)

Best Light Painting Shot Of A Tumbleweed Thing On Water
Petra Ashment (Tooele, Utah)

Best Picture Of a Guy Smoking A Pipe With An Instagram-y Looking Feel
Tsafrir Melamed (San Jose, California)

Best Shot Of People Staring At A Smoker Sitting On A Bench
Rafał Baszczyński (Warszawa, Polska)

Best Shot Of A Girl Looking Out A Window
Ricardo Sanchez (Buenos Aries, Argentina)

Best Shot Of A Shopping Cart Full Of Clocks
Jarno Heikkinen (Jyv¤skyl¤, Finland)

Best Shot Of A Guy In A Shop From Our Favorite Call Of Duty Map
Bartosz Kolonko (Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Best Really Dark Shot With Nice, Subtle Light
Nikki Esteban (Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon, Philippines)

Best Timeless Looking Shot Of A Barber In Indonesia
Donny Datulangi (Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Best Shot Of People On Top Of A Train Station
Nisa Paobunthorn (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand)

Best Shot Of Guys Smashing Stuff With Mallets
Kriengsak Talek (Bangkok, Thailand)

Best Shot Of A Guy Standing Outside A Tattoo Parlor
Daryl Porter (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

Best Shot Of A Wooden Wheel Agains A Wall With Great Texture
David Woodward (Yuma, Arizona)

Best Shot Of A Woman With An Umbrella And Child Sitting On Steps
Pramit Debmallik (Kolkata, India)

Best Shot Of Someone Sitting On A Bench Reading A Book In Front Of A Large Wooden Door
Rashed Almubarak (Kuwait City, Al Asimah Kuwait)

Best Shot From A Superb Carnival
Peter Cameron (Perth, Australia)

Best Shot Of Kids On The Ground That’s Probably Staged But We’re Okay With That
Ken Chua (Manila, Philippines)

Best Black & White Shot Of Park Benches In The Fall
Sean Scally (Belleville, Ontario)

Best Shot Of Plants That Make A Really Cool Pattern
Sharon Holck (New York, New York)

Best Shot Of A Guy In A Purple Jacket Looking At Meat
Stephen Freeman (Osaka, Japan)

Best Shot Of A Monkey With A Great Expression
Ness Flores (Jacksonville, Florida)

Best Shot Of A Woman In A Doorway Looking Affectionately At A Man
Ines Belkahla (Tunis, Tunisia)

Best Shot Of A Window With Cool Reflections And A Guy Sitting Inside
Mark Emirali (Auckland, New Zealand)

Best Long Exposure Shot Of A Ferris Wheel (or some sort of large structure)
Niren Mehta (Surat, India)

Best Panning Shot Of A Woman On A Bike Carrying A Bucket
Deiter N¶th (Groningen, Netherlands)

Best Shot Of People Staring At A Big Yellow Dot On A Wall
John Yip (Sydney, Australia)

Best Barely Lit Shot But You Can Still See What’s Going On In The Image
Theo Alexiou (Patra, Greece)

Best Black And White Shot Of A Park With Lots Of Bikes And Trees
Qrister Almar (Trollh¤ttan, Sweden)

Best Shot Of Someone Dancing In A Really Cool Place
Bill Crookston (Glasgow, UK)

Best Shot Of A Lighthouse In Nice Light
Brian Bonham (Newport, Oregon)

Best Shot Of A Chain With An HDR Effect
Martin Kukielka (Resenberg, Germany)

Although these images didn’t make it into a prize category, they are so good that I really felt they needed special recognition.

People’s Choice Award Voting:
We have a special “People Choice” category where you get to vote for your favorite images from the walk, and the People’s Choice winner receives an amazing prize package. Here’s the link to cast your vote.

I’ll have details on the Leader’s Competition here shortly.

Congrats to all the images featured in the video, and best wishes to everyone in the People’s Choice competition. Lots of amazing shots in there!


  1. Scott – the town in Utah with the probable light-painted shot, “Tooele”, is pronounced “two-ILL-uh” – about 30 miles to the west of SLC on the south side of the Great Salt Lake which is possibly the body of water in the image.

  2. Some really good images here. You really do have a hard job Scott! As a side note, the “Best Shot Of People Staring At A Big Yellow Dot On A Wall” image is actually depicting the Australian Aboriginal flag painted on a wall in the inner city suburb of Redfern in Sydney, Australia. Just thought you may be interested! …

    1. Actually, I tell a lie. This should be titled “Best Shot Of People Staring At A Poster Featuring A Big Yellow Dot On A Wall”. I noticed the “Sydney Life” logo and the bottom of the image and investigated. This image was taken at Hyde Park In the centre of Sydney at an exhibition. It’s actually a photo of two kids looking at a large poster of a well known wall depicting the Australian Aboriginal flag in Redfern. The original image, “Eleanor, portrait of a boxer”, won the Winner of the 2013 Sydney Life Photography Exhibition …

  3. Its funny that when you sign up for a walk you think of a location. But unless you have scouted out that location in the past these pictures show very little relation to a specific location especially when you have people in the the prime focus.

    Really looking forward to Scott’s Rome part 2 in terms of the people. “Best picture of a Roman while on vacation with your spouse.”

  4. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for spending so much time on my photo in the video blog. I am truly honored! To clear a few things up; the fox wasn’t drugged, it’s not a Photoshop job, and perhaps most importantly… While I appreciate being considered “one of the guys”, in this particular instance I almost hate to inform you that I am, indeed, a woman. :)

    Thanks again!

    (Ms.) Andrea C. Jacobs
    AC Jacobs Photography

    1. It was great to see the photo I picked as the winner this year for Binghamton, NY make to your Honorable Mentions. AC Jacobs did an amazing job on that photo and I will just say Thank You as the Walk Leader for BInghamton, NY for the last 5 years .

  5. Wow! I was scrolling through the amazing images and was stunned to find the image I submitted received a honourable mention from Scott. Thank you so much for picking my image and it truly is a great honour. I hope I can make it to one of your PhotoShop World Conference.

    Thanks again!
    John Yip

  6. Best Shot Of A Leaf (or whatever it is) On Bars
    Marco Van Apeldoorn (Graveland, Netherlands)

    As a walkleader i have to say; this is the sleeve of a beechnut ;-)

  7. Thank you Scott for picking my image and publishing it on your blog – I was so touched to find it among honourable mentions!!! I would like to thank you on the behalf of all photographers all over the world for the time and effort you spend to communicate, talk on the blog, hold the annual WWPW …. Thanks Scott Kelby! I would be honoured to meet you one day!

  8. I just googled over this blog post and discovered my image (the last one with the chain).
    Thank you for mentioning it!

    Just two corrections:
    – Name of our wunderful city: Regensburg (English: Ratizbon) in Bavaria, Germany

    – It’s not a HDR pic! :-)

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