The Worldwide Photo Walk “People’s Choice” Award Winner Is…


…Nicolas, from the London, United Kingdom (outside Natwest bank) Photo Walk, who received the most votes for his image (above) titled “London is watching you.”

My congratulations to Nicolas for capturing such an intriguing image, and also a big thanks to everybody who participated in the official “People’s Choice” voting this year. :-)

Lot of great images again this year, and we still have the Leader’s competition coming. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend (I’m shooting the Bucs/Cowboys game on Sunday, and then I’m off to Philadelphia for my seminar there on Monday. Hope I’ll meet you there!).



  1. The last time that we checked when the voting for People’s choice award closed the photo from Philippines, Cebu city got the highest rating, even higher that the photo from London. We can’t understand why the photo from London won.

      1. I forgot to also say in past the 9 runners up for peoples choice were also listed which might have been a good idea.

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