This Super Fast Card Reader Is Hot!


I’ve been using a Firewire card reader to get my images from my memory card into my laptop for quite a while now, but I forgot to bring it with me to one of my Lightroom Tour stops and wound up borrowing a friend’s Delkin Compact Flash reader that slides directly into your laptop’s Express Card slot (so there’s no Firewire or USB cord necessary). But beside the sheer convenience of not having to carry a reader and a connector cable, in copying the photos off my card—it absolutely hauled butt! (and “butt” isn’t the term I think best describes it). In fact, I’ve never had images copied at anywhere near that speed (up to 20MB per seconds!).

So, as soon as I got back home, I ordered the same one: Delkin’s eFilm Express Card 34 (for Compact Flash cards), and it just rocks. In fact, it so rocks that I’m giving it my “Scott Thinks It’s Hot!” Award because now I can’t live without it. B&H Photo has it for $59.95 (remember, B&H Photo gives NAPP members free shipping), or you can buy it direct from Delkin (at $59.95–it’s worth every penny!).

Now it’s time for the Friday News—-scroll down my friend, scroll down.

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