This Weekend Only Deal for Perfectly Clear 1-Click Correction to Perfection!

Hey gang, Brad here with a special this-weekend-only deal!

Many of you may not have heard of this company.  They are based in Canada, and although they’ve been licensing their clever automatic correction technology to companies worldwide for 10 years, they’ve only recently launched Plug-ins for your use.  It’s cool stuff, and we worked out a great deal to save you money!

Traditional auto corrections are not robust enough to be trusted with your precious memories.  And who has time to manually correct every photo?  There are better ways to spend your time.  But your photos are special and you want them to look their best.  Which is tough since there are limitations in digital cameras which cause distortions in your photos – too dark, lacking in color vibrancy and depth, poor skin tones, unsharp, tint, red-eye, noisy, etc.

Your Solution – Perfectly Clear from Athentech is your 1 Click Correction to Perfection! The world’s only automatic photo correction with instant Real Color perfection.

Just use the coupon code FD8F49C9 at checkout to save 25% on both Photoshop Plug-in and Lightroom Plug-in, AND also for the Bundle of both plug-ins which is one heck of a deal as the bundle is already greatly discounted.  The PS and LR plug-ins are normally $199 – so now $149.25 – savings of $50, and the bundle is $249 normally, now $186.75, a savings of $62.26 (or total savings of $211 vs buying individually!).

  1. Intrigued and just as concerned as gt, I decided to download a trial. Long-time followers of my blog will know I’m slogging my way through digitizing my mothers slides from the 60’s and early 70’s. Taken on Kodachrome and stored in less than ideal conditions, they all have some sort of color cast. Trying to reset and adjust the scanner each time is very time consuming and challenging. So I just ran a bunch of scanned slides through the Perfectly Clear Tint Removal process and I would say I’ve had about a 75% success rate with the automatic correction. Just the time saving on this project alone is going to make this product a ‘buy’ for me.

    In their manuals, they do say it’s a starting point – to use it early in the workflow to get the image close and before using other corrections and plugins. I’d also add that you should work on a copy and not the original image.

    It’s not for everyone but I can see it saving me lots of time on my slide scanning project. Thanks for the heads up, Brad.

  2. Hi Brad,
    Many thanks for the link to the new software. I downloaded the free trial for LR3 first, as I thought, if it is any good I will then download the PSCS5 plugin later.
    My thoughts are mixed I’m afraid. I do tend to agree with Richard above, as my first impressions are a bit like,’Hang on, one click will fix all?’. As I thought, this isn’t really the case, for example Scott and the guys at Photoshop User, all tell us about attention to detail and not loosing the detail in the highlights. It appears that even in their wedding portrait shot, the dress has blown out at the bottom. This seems to go against everything we have learnt over the years and been taught by Scott on his tours ( UK October 2010).
    I tried the default setting and sure tweaking needs to be done, here and there, but I also tried things that you guys have taught me over the years. For example, my own workflow, Scott’s 7 point system, Nik Software and On One. The results in the colour space ( Pro Photo – thanks Matt K )…. were exactly as I wanted.
    I am struggling to see the benefit of this and maybe it is more appealing to consumers who don’t understand or use workflows etc.
    Why, for example would you want to add a global sharpening to an image, when we will all most likely do it at the end, and apply it to the luminosity channel only.
    Whilst this is not intended to say, this plug in is useless, it may be worth bearing in mind for your readers, that if you have a good workflow already, you don’t need this. It’s a bit like Perfect Layers.
    We spend enough time in the post workflow processes, adding another plug in to that seems counter productive. But trying the free trial will help you decide.
    The price, is somewhat expensive when you compare it to LR3 and Nik Software etc and it is limited to global results.
    Not for me, but then again, not everything you inform us about is going to be great with everyone. Keep the updates and news coming and again, we as the consumer can decide if we want to part with our cash or not.
    All the best from the UK.

  3. Just downloaded to give it a quick whirl. Its seems ok for a first pass but nothing really you can’t achieve yourself quickly if you know your tools. Does seem to plasticise your models in the portraits and noise reduction seems to turn things quite fuzzy. However pulled back some details in the shadows and lit things well/

  4. Nope — Downloaded and ran their trial installer on my PC, for PS CS5 64 bit, followed the menu items as directed. I then opened an image in CS5, clicked Filters, and failed to see this plugin. Furthermore, my OnOne Mask filter, and my Noise Ninja had disappeared from my Filter menu. I quickly went to the control panel and uninstalled this plugin, and Phew! I had normal function again. I don’t know if this plugin doesn’t like my brand new PC, Win 7 or whatever. I don’t care. Bugs and incompatibilities on this level send me running. Nice idea, but no ceegar this time.

  5. Any idea how you completely remove it on OS X 10.6? There’s no uninstall option in the package and I’d like to ensure I get rid of all traces of it.

  6. Down loaded the free trial and did the “one click” thing on about 10 photos.
    Its Ok, but I can do with out it. Its just one more step I don’t need.

  7. This was and probably still is bundled with Bibble. Back when I used it, I found what many of the other posters are reporting: good for making bad pictures less bad, but not for magically enhancing an already good image.

  8. Scott,
    On your recommendation I downloaded Perfectly Clear and (foolishly) paid for it right out of the box
    I was NOT impressed as all it seemed to do was give a subset of LR’s adjustments but not as powerfull as in LR. It could only correct about one stop of underexposure & the other sliders were not very effective compared to LR built in stuff.
    It might be great on IPhone snaps or P&S shots but on RAW files its very weak and is a real bear to get installed. It’s also slow to load pictures, so all in all a failure IMHO.
    Just thought you might like to know


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