This Weekend Only Deal from MPIX

Hey gang, Brad here with a special This Weekend Only Deal from our good friends at MPIX!

Today through Sunday only, you can get 50% off overnight shipping and 25% off metallic prints! If you haven’t seen the metallic prints, I have to tell you that the color in these things just SCREAM! We have some hanging up around our offices, and everyone who visits always loves them.

These two are by far the most popular promos on the NAPP print store. To take advantage of these deals, just enter the codes senditfast (for overnight shipping) and iluvcolor (for metallic prints) at the checkout.

Have a great weekend!

  1. I saw the Mpix metallic prints at PSW Orlando this year and they rock! Can’t believe how much the colors pop when printed on metallic paper. Great deal for the weekend!!!


  2. It is a long weekend for us in BC Canada. I am out of town, away from my files. Decided to bring my brand new of one day empty MacBook Air. I only have acess to my Facebook mini files. I do hope we get another MPIX wonderful weekend soon.

  3. I had the opportunity to view a clients photos she had printed on metallic paper and I was blown away! I almost didn’t recognize my shots…Beautiful colors on Metallic paper.

  4. I love black and white the most, also gold tones and dark or very bright colors, pastels not so much. Anything you want to have a glow or metalic look.

  5. Murphy’s Law for me – I just put in an order on Tuesday

    Totally agreed on the metallic prints.

    @Dave – I’ve used them for images that have been cross-processed or selectively de-saturated for a silvery, ethereal effect. Did one in b+w with jellyfish that looked cool. Regular color prints come out looking really rich.

  6. I found MPIX over a year ago and just decided to order a metalic print to see what it’s like. I’ve been ordering them ever since. When Brad says the colors SCREAMS!!! He wasn’t kidding. I just printed one of my wedding pics and WOW-it was a dreamy gorgeous photo to begin with and it’s even better now. Every detail pops. My favorties to put on metalic paper are outdoor shots with grass in them. You see every blade!!

  7. I agree on their metallic prints. I just a 20×30 of a Grand Tetons shot from last year and it is just outstanding on the metallic paper… MPIX is now my #1 supplier of prints larger than 13×19.

  8. Too bad they don’t work when ordering through zenfolio. Good thing I tried it myself before telling my clients about it. I would have looked pretty stupid.

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