OK gang—we’ve got another “This Weekend Only” Deal, and I’m pretty sure this one falls under my rule of “It’s got to be the best deal they’ve offered anywhere” because the product just came out this past week (we talked about it on “The Grid,” and even gave one away).

It’s for a new flash modifier called (wait for it, wait for it….) the “Rogue Grid” which is an adjustable grid that attaches to your off-camera flash.  It’s not from us, though. It’s from Expo Imaging (the people behind cool gadgets for photographers like the popular ExpoDisc and the Rayflash, and Flashbenders.

Here’s the deal:

Readers of this blog receive 25% off the purchase of the new Rogue Grid, or the purchase of a Rogue Grid with a FlashBender 3-Piece Kit.  Valid from Friday, March 25th through Sunday, March 27th.

The Discount Code is “NAPPGRID”, and it is case sensitive.

Here’s the link with the details.

Thanks to the folks at Expo Imaging for making this offer to my readers. This is the first time we’ve had a deal like this, this close to the launch of the new product. Cool! (and kick butt).

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  1. Hey Scott, there is no Rogue Grid FlashBender bundle listed on the site, only grid expodisc bundles. Looks fun and wanted to give it a try.

  2. 8:42 AM and no comments,what gives? Great shots of the band. Are you going to shoot the Honda Grand Prix this weekend? Oh, an SLS, that car is sick!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry for the confusion. To take advantage of the promotion you can get the Rogue Grid with the FlashBender 3-Piece Kit (click them separately in the store), or the Rogue Grid by itself. We will create a separate bundle this morning that includes the grid and the FlashBender kit to avoid any further confusion.

  4. ExpoImaging has great products! I’m fortunate to be able to wave as I drive by their offices about once a week!

  5. Can’t find the Grid and Flash Bender kit either. Do you have to order each item separately?

  6. Dang it! I already order it after you showed it on THE GRID. I even went to the NAPP discount section before I ordered to make sure there wasn’t already a discount. I did find a 15% discount from another blogger, but 25% off would have been way better.

    O and by change I had purchased both products.

  7. Hi Scott, THANK YOU!!

  8. Saw these on Photography Bay just last night! Didn’t know I would be ordering them cause the price was a little high. Thanks for the discount!

  9. Thanks, Scott
    great discount

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